Prices high

Some might tell me to shut up or agree but I think boosts prices are way to high! Yeah spin a few drops might get $1-$3 same with fusion u work hard to get DNA for a Dino we fuse to just get 10 but sucked up a lot of dna

According to this game since a unique is worth 100 USD and 150 USD in theory my account should be worth thousands of dollars

When in actuality it’s like 10 maybe


Ludia and Jam City have extremely obnoxious prices for legitimately everything in this game. It’s absolutely absurd that they charge this much for getting so little. And they don’t even deserve the money given how they treat this game and the player base with 0 respect and practically no care at all for what we say and how well this game does. Heck that “Your Ideal JWA” thread? Yeah Jam City it gonna take one look at it and laugh, then go find a 5 year old to go create whatever op Dino they please. It’s just sad how dirty JWA has been done. It’s an amazing idea, but it’s been butchered by the ones who ran it, especially Jam City.


Damn I agree, the top players be there because they paid the high prices to top players