Prices of special incubators?


I think it’s a little disingenuous to price the special incubators just above the amount of cash I have on hand.

These incubator prices need to either be set or have an option to buy the lower priced ones.

For example, before I leveled up, I was just short of one of the incubators to the right and below the free one you get every few hours. I only needed about a hundred cash or so before I would be able to buy one…maybe a little more. Regardless, a little more grinding/walking, I might have been able to purchase. But then,

I leveled up and bought a one time offer. The offer came with $1200 cash and I notice that the price of the above incubator had jumped to $6000. Leaving me well short unless I bought more cash.

Did it go up because of the level up and do you get more cash from drops and battles as well, the higher your level?


Yes it went up because you levelled up. No you do not get more cash… Level 10 and it thinks 90 coins is worth having from a drop…