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Pricing in this game is psychotic. Let Universal know


I am somewhat new to mobile gaming. Last game being Pokemon Go which I quit because not a ton of support in rural areas / neighborhoods. Saw someone playing JW Alive and thought it looked cool.

Do other mobile games increase the price as you level, coupled with basically the only way to level being spending money. I bought VIP and a few one time offers, thought it was cool and cheap and bought some carnivore incubators. Next thing I know the price has gone up 1.5x and the one time offers start increasing in price.

So when you spend money, you have to spend more money until you realize the game wants you to spend $50 on a die roll that used to cost $20. This should be illegal honestly.

Congrats Ludia, you got my money. But you are not getting a cent more and I hope some government fines you into oblivion for being this psychotically predatory. I think people should write to Universal to let them know who they are partnered with, though they probably condone it.


My guess is prices will drop after some time. I think they used pokemon go as example, it was super popular when it launched and then gradually everyone stopped playing. So now the game is fresh and new and they want to make big ass profits. When 70% of the players will be gone they will lower cost.