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Pricing Model — Fish vs Whales

How many VIPs have (or will) canceled their subscriptions over this new pricing model vs how many have bought the paladin? Over time, it seems like the canceled subs would likely add up to a larger value of lost revenue. Paying $120USD per year already feels overpriced when compared with other games, and this latest model feels like gouging. What’s the ratio of fish to whales… and how many fish do you lose while targeting whales? D&D has had a large following for decades, so there’s a lot of us fish out here. We want to support the business so you keep developing the game, but the gouging laves a bitter taste.

Suggestion: Make the initial 8 characters available to F2P, and VIPs have access to all characters and content — this would encourage and incentivize F2P to subscribe and VIPs to keep subscriptions active. If a VIP’s subscription lapses, the expansion characters/content turn inactive until the sub is reinstated. Also, give F2P players an option to buy the expansion characters/content if they want.

Perhaps also offer subscriptions at reduced prices if committing to longer timeframes like a 3 or 6 month package.


VIP and canceling… There is literally no reason to have VIP I figured I’d give it a month and have yielded no return

How about just charge a flat fee up front and smaller fees at the player’s discretion for legitimate expansions?

I would pay for the game like that. As it is I never pay for these games, and not to be rude, but fish are worse than whales if that is possible. As you said there’s a lot willing to pay a few dollars a month for extra gold and then one twenty or thirty dollar splurge every two or three months. This game has some whales. Just look at all those complaining about PvP bots and not being able to buy their wins. As someone else here said you paid to have an experience different from normal people and you are getting it. That said the fish make this sort of model viable with this game as without them this would have been a money sink up until now.

This should be a golden age of gaming with PCs, consoles, and apps, and instead we are watching gaming die rather quickly through loot boxes, micro transactions, and Pay2Win.

For what it is worth this game isn’t very Pay2Win yet, but it is coming I am sure. I am hoping to be finished with the campaign before then so I will have seen the entire story before I quit.