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There are 3 ape species that should get added. Megaladapis, gigantophitecus and dinopithecus. Megaladapis can be added in a new family called sloth lemurs. But gigantophitecus and dinopithecus should get their own animation since they’re the only large species of their kind so they should get their own animation. I don’t count early hominids like australopithecus


Adding hominids to the game would probably be pushing it. There would be more acceptance of Palaeozoic creatures I think.


I’d love gigantopithicus. Imagine all the memes and chaos we’d have by adding monkeys to the game

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Zini or we could add the love monkey


Gigantopithicus would be awesome to have in the game! (As well as JWTG)


There are far too many dogs, bears, and dogbears on my map as it is for a dinosaur game. I’d much prefer we stick with dinosaurs and those around their times than bring in more mammals.


I love all prehistoric life, so I have no issues with mammals being in the game. I wouldn’t mind large primates like these being added, but they aren’t at the top of my list.


I keep saying we need cave people with spears. Heck, we have birds and deer. I mean, they even have a caveman achievement. It’s gotten so silly that at this point, why not?

We don’t have bears yet, you are thinking of the Giant Sloths. (Though I would like to see bears like Arctodus in the game)


Lol make cards for the human characters in the JP series :joy: I wanna see Alan Grant vs Blue

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I was actually thinking of ol’ Andrew but sloths also count, along with cats, deer, and hippopotarhinos.

Point being there’s a LOT that isn’t dinosaur-age going on in the game now, which pulls me personally that much farther away from my favourite genre and from Jurassic Park/World as a whole.

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But c’mon - a deer vs. an eagle!! Who would NOT want to know how that turns out, right?! :rofl:

And just wait until they roll out Jurassic squirrels! Going to be crazy!! :yawning_face:

Oh wait, I mean :astonished:


Lol what’s a hippopotarhino? They aren’t too closely related.

I mean if u find more actual apes like idk dryopitchecus, u could give giganto and other apes their own rig

And then deinopithecus has it’s own one with other mokes, i know there were a few of an eligable size

Then lemurs defenetly would use their own one, u have 2 big ones here megaladapis and archeoindris

There’s aegyptipithicus, basically a giant baboon. I can’t think of any more off the top of my head though. I could see the giant lemurs using that rig too, they were pretty ape-like.

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And mesopithecus tho that thing is kinda tiny

Also i thought aegypto was maybe cat sized way smaller then dino

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Oh yeah it was really small, maybe I’m thinking of something else

Edit: I was thinking of Dinopithecus. I got confused because of the “pithecus” and I just associate baboons with Egypt because of the mythology. Even then, the snakes and eagles have shown that they only need one dino to make a rig.

When they add Hominids to the map to hunt…

I don’t count smaller primates until tiny creatures like compsognathus are added

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Na they can’t since he belongs disney