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Prionosuchus and Priotrodon

Priotrodon is one of my favourite carnivores from Jurassic World the game and this is what I would imagine it to look like in jurassic world alive.
Prionosuchus Priotrodon


For Prionosuchus, the FI+APC is a bit much. FS would be ok, given that that turn would be almost 2 impacts in a single turn, with one piercing armor. For Priotrodon, I would nerf the damage to around 1100-1200, and change swap In ferocity to on escape Dust Cloud. Also a slight speed decrease to 126, though I would prefer the lower end of the 20s, around 123. Also that Crit Chance should have lowered or be kept the same.

I see, thank you for your feedback

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