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Fix your matchmaking already. Its insulting and unbearable. Remove this LV matching business, make it all trophy based and put a limit on how much a player can drop in one season. Many other games use this exact method, Duellinks comes to mind.

There would be a much smaller percentage of these unfair battles.

The areas would normalize with players whose dinos and abilities are matched by others who win the same amounts. Aviary would either push people back down who should not be there or push others up who have dropped down.

At the very least give us a surrender button so instead of having to either battle knowing there is no chance of winning or simply closing the app and waiting 5 minutes when you match us against a player whose dinos are 5+ levels greater than our own, we can just cut our losses, give up, and go back to having fun against similarly lv’d opponents.

Goodluck. Wasting yer breath, its the way it is (or was?) So we will pay them real cash to cheat an get ahead of others who EARN their way to the top (i havent purchased anything in this game with real $) - its a nice thought but itll never happen. Things prob got worse w/this raid an redoing stats :confused: im probably quitting, not worth the time to relearn everything like im a day 1 noob again.

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You are so right. I feel I am learning it all again. Thinking of leaving this game for good. Each update on creatures stats is a way back to a once great game. I am so sorry I cannot keep up learning again my creatures new cons and pros.