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Priority Ability Change - Rat balancing idea!

Ok so im sure that many will agree that losing by way of rat, or even worse facing the player that rats over and over again is a real problem, well I have thought of some ideas to balance it!

It involves changes to the way priority abilities work -

Basically as it is, if you use a priority ability their Draco can swap in first and thus hit you even if you knew it was coming and were going to use something like evasion! Well why not this -

Have NONE damaging priority abilities take place BEFORE a swap in attack! So lets say you know they have a rat, and you are using Erlidom or Indo with evasion or cloak ready, you now they are going to rat you but dispite pressing it, rat comes flying in and takes you out, there is nothing you can do if your dinosaurs have less health then the rat has damage, well have Evasion and Cloak - which do no damage - go in place and THEN have the swap in attack come!

It would also affect other things, lets take the following situation -
Priority moves have been changed according to my suggestion -

  1. You have Indo out with evasion off cool down and ready to go
  2. You know they have a rat and you indo is low on health
  3. You press evasion
  4. Rat comes flying in
  5. Your evasion goes up
  6. SIDSR is dodged and you survive

Now lets see how it would affect damaging priority attacks

  1. You have Thor with Instant Charge ready
  2. You know they have a rat
  3. You press IC
    (but because IC causes damage takes place AFTER swap in attack!)
  4. Rat comes flying in and kills you before your IC can work

Another situation -

  1. You have Edmontoguano out with low health
  2. You know they have a rat
  3. You press Regenerate and run
  4. You are healed and your health goes up to a point where you survive the swap in attack

What this change also ensures is that because only NON damaging priority moves take place first, in the case of having a low health dinosaur you can swap out before the enemy uses something like Instant Charge!

So the priority order would be - Swap Dino > Non-Damaging Priority Abilities > Swap in Attacks > Damaging Priority abilities!


I think this goes a long way to balancing it a bit more. I’d just stop at priority beating swap in effects tho. Gets very complicated very quickly.

I admit,the idea is good and would balance more the rat.

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Of course this idea helps DC regain it’s health before another DC drops on it.

Probably DC should just lose its cleanse and heal. So it’s unlikely to SIA more than twice. And can’t unblock itself early.

Edit whatever happens in 1.8 will be fixed now. Suggestions too late.


Yeah I had someone swap-in Draco when I had Purutaurus out. I used priority distraction which really should go like this:

Puru - priority distraction takes affect.
Draco swaps-in and bites, 2x reduced by 90%.
Puru counter-attacks 33%.


Draco swaps-in… pauses
Puru - priority distraction takes effect.
Draco bites, 2x reduced by 90%
Puru counter-attacks 33%.


Yep that would work because distraction is non damaging in nature and thus would go first!

This would literally give a rock solid counter to rats, but while not actually nerfing rats attack directly, simply making it possible to counter.

However if you didnt know rat was on the team they can still use it for the win, making it still useful!

An alternative would be to change regenerate so it doesn’t remove lock - which currently makes no sense; wouldn’t stop the 2-2 game winner swap in but would eliminate the in-out-in in most cases.


Yep that is true but would be a straight up direct nerf (which im not against but trying to figure a way to balance while not making someones Dino useless).

All this post is intending to do is make countering rats possible when you know its coming, but due to not nerfing rat itself would still allow it to be useful if hidden till the end!

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Balance? BALANCE?


As if balance has anything to do with this game anymore.


Thats what this suggestion is for, to try and bring it back by having a way to counter one of the most dominant forces in the arena ;), replace the Rattegy with Strategy!

Holy moly man. I haven’t visited here in awhile but coming back to see people still crapping themselves over Draco is hilarious.

Adapt to the game or quit. That simple.

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Like someone used to say to me about an old boss, “he’d want a lightbulb changed while the building was burning down”.

With the way the game is now other than keeping all dinosaurs health above the Draco SIA damage level, there is no really way to counter it.

I have 3 or 4 dinos that can take out a high health Draco in one shot.

I agree, deal with it.

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I counter it just fine and people counter mine pretty well too. Whenever my dinos get below a level of it’s average SIA I anticipate that it’s about to show up and make a move knowing that it’s a possibility.

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Not talking about killing it, talking about having any way to potentially prevent the SIA from wiping out your dinosaur, right now there is no way. Not saying it cant be killed, Erlidom and Thor can do that fine, BUT, thats after the fact!

If there is no way to possibly prevent something from happening, like in the case of a SIDSR, that is the definition of being uncounterable and thus can be OP.

Everything needs a counter for balance to exist. When something a Dino can do can kill your Dino with no way to stop it, thats not balance.
Cant shield coz it breaks them, cant distract coz SIA takes place first, cant go evasive got the swap attack will happen before it goes up.

I would say that swap out needs a cooldown too. That would fix in-out-in swapping. At 2-2 situation when Dracocera is swapped out, couldn’t be brought back in immediately.

@dinolaurus Many of us adapted and successfully exterminates Dracorat. It become a problem to counter when you don’t have Erli or Thor to oneshot it.
Upcoming tournament will be Dracorat fest. Boosted rats will murder lvl 20 and lower dinos, taking out whole teams.

But these days Dracos do at least 3k damage on swap-in, so most of the time your dino only needs one hit and its health is low enough for an average Draco to swap in. If you anticipate that and swap something else in then unless it has a swap-in attack or a counter attack you waste a turn that could potentially see you lose 3k+ health because they swapped in Draco. That’s not called countering.

Yeah swapping to another Dino to take the SIDSR isn’t countering, its sacrificing. But what happens if all your dinosaurs are low on health and its 2v2? there is no way to do anything about it.

There must ALWAYS be a way something can be countered outside of sacrifice.

So, if I go head to head with a 135+ speed Thor with over 5500 impact damage (crit, of course), and he gets to go first, what should I do? Honestly, other than being able to see it coming I don’t see a difference.

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