Priority Attack - Theme Team

The topic of ” Priority ” have killed the game! gave me the idea of putting together a Priority attack team to see if such a team is a game killer.

The priority attacks have advantages but I can see that eventually I will meet my match if I keep playing this team. Besides I won the two matches I played so far, I like that the matches go really fast. Although I had 7 of the 8 chosen the two matches, I only played 5 of the creatures but haven’t gotten Refrenantem picked yet.

I may see how far I can go with this team till I start getting to the 50/50 win/lose thing. None of these guys are boosted at all. I don’t think these are a game killer. Having any of these on your team may give you a leg up in some battles and have you sitting a little higher in the arena.

There are only 9 creatures that have 1st attack priority. I didn’t go through and see what all creatures have a delayed 2nd priority attack. I think those would almost work as well as I don’t usually use the priority attacks the 1st move unless it will take an the opponent creature that is faster.

Of course it’s fun to win a few battles in a row with a new team set up but it will only go so far before I hit the next glass ceiling with these. I will have some fun with these during this coming week before changing to another team and dropping back to lower side of Avairy. I passed the mid point.



Looking forward to updates. This team seems like it’ll work some kind of wonders.

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Kind of feel like Albertosaurus should be somewhere up there.

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These are like having the fastest creatures in the game but without the speed boosts.

We all know that excessive speed boosts puts your team at an advantage by being able to attack first most the time and that is what this team is about. If I can attack before my opponents can, I put myself in the position to win by out-speeding my opponent. That is the main strategy of this team.

For all the priority attacks, it is a well rounded team.

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That is a lot of top tiers on one team…

I remembered a couple more creatures with instant 1st strike attack so if your unable or haven’t gotten far enough into the game to get the Apex creatures, there are 7 others to use.

Half the time, I don’t use the instant attacks till the 2nd turn so having other creatures with a 1 turn delay would still work to have an instant attack team such as Albertospinos, Albertasaurus, Thor, Allosinosaurus, Ankylomoloch, Anylos Lux and others with instant stunning attacks.



this team is very good for YT content , why don’t you start one ? :sweat_smile:

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So far I haven’t lost a battle although one was really close. I went from 44xx up to 4842, the highest trophy’s I ever had. I could just imagine how nasty this team would be if I threw some boosts on these guys.

Players complain about Refrenantem being OP. This 1st attack priority team as a whole is very powerful as most the time the priority moves allow me to go first when I need it with the exception where other players have had a faster priority creature, usually Phorurex which I ran into a couple of the games with this team but still won because my whole team is priority.

Even if Ref gets nerfed a bit, I’ve won most my battles without it but it would still work, even with less health or damage so long as it has its priority move.

I going to see how far I get before I find my spot in the pecking order. The sad thing is when I change my team, its going to be a loooong fall. If I can possibly pop my head in the Library, I’ll be happy.

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