Priority Glitch?

Anyone else experiencing this?

You think that you have priority because the game tells you that you have priority.
You make your next move based on this assumption then get blown away by your opponent.

This is happening a lot with standard moves, not instant cahrges.


Please elaborate. What was the matchup? There is indeed a bug with the priority arrow in a few cases.

Yeah, I think I know what you mean. There are a lot of times I start a battle, have the little ‘move first’ arrow - I select my move and BAM, they actually go first. Just another glitch they let go.

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Yes always check speed, levels and rarity (and effects) before acting. And pray for this to be fixed soon (most important part)

It’s happened at least 6-8 times. I’ll try to document the next one.

My example last night-
My lvl 20 I-REX shown faster
Their lvl 24 Stegodeus shown slower

Reality- Stegodeus attacked first

Ya higher stegod will always hit first with irex. Higher lvl with same speed. Higher level always hits first

Sometimes you just have to use your brain

Yup- I knew what to expect. I’m just explaining the scenario that I’ve seen a few times.
I’m happy to exploit the situation when the other party isn’t as attuned to the nuances of human programming errors.

Here’s more proof for Mr use your brain… This is just bad coding.
Note this is purely a graphical glitch.
2 of the same, higher level should always go first, and they’re immune so no chance of any type of prior slow

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That happens all the time. You still go first. Lol use your brain. It would be a glitch if the lower one actually went first. Not. Just had an arrow

Still that is a visual glitch, and Ludia left it there for over a month.
Due to that is misleading, I’ll say they need to fix it.
Although I could define which side is faster by my own experience.

Another battle mode glitch is, the damage preview won’t show the correct amount.
Must I bring my calculator when I am playing a game?

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