”Priority” have killed the game! It’s Power-Creep and makes dinos usless!

All new abilities with Priority have killed the game.

The tactics is gone!
Power-Creep have accelerated!

How should we enjoy a game where every Top-dino have more or less a Priority?? :no_entry:

Combination of swap-in-damage and Priority have given the game a newest low point!

Can you accept this?


Priority moves are not that bad considering most of them are based on distract, doge, heal or shield wich can be handled very easily and they’re now a part of the game since a very long time


Only 4 uniqe creatures toura, pho, alberto and andrewtops (is only priority on revenge) and apexes like magnus, haast, boa mortem have access to priority damage and the other non damage priority moves are easy to counter and the majority of these is locked behind some form of exclusivity


yeha skooni and yogi need one they are feelign left out…i mean geez

The only priority move that really bugs me at this moment is Mortem’s Roar.

Cleansing Impact meant he was beating up cunnings. He’s now back to doing that again. He’s still semi-useless against high powered resilients, because after getting that one hit, Mortem is left in swapper range.

What Mortem (and a lot of other dinos) really needed was an On Escape move. I would gladly accept an On Escape Defense Shattering Rampage instead, considering that cunnings would still be able to evade/distract their way out of that if need be.


priority with damage is really powerful.

albertosaurus is a rare non hybrid only so powerful because of that move.

mortem or phorurex, phorusaura… priority move with damage and no delay.

refrenantem have one with no delay with bleed. is some kind of damage, but not like mortem or phoru that can finish a faster dino before get hit.

hydra boa has 2 priority with damage. one of them with no delay, and the other with delay but have damage and bleed.

but the priority of imperator scares me. :flushed:


So priority moves are killing the game, but not the bugs, arena, lack of buffs for old creatures, and apex hybrids aren’t?

Without priority moves on tons of creatures, they would all be really bad. It’s part of their playstyle. There are plenty of endgame creatures that don’t have priority damage, yet many of them are still good.

Sure, priority damage is strong, but it’s by no means killing the game.


Yeah, honestly, I can. Obviously there are a couple that bug me (Mortem’s Roar was mentioned, which I agree with, and Killer Instinct, which I also agree with), but a majority of priority moves are status moves, like shields or healing or dodges, and a minority are Cunning moves, which is already their main thing, that being speed.

Bottom line: Priority moves are perfectly fine at the moment, aside from maybe two or three outliers. They’re either status moves or just an extension of the cunning class’s identity as speed incarnate.


Bro you say this right after you were ranting about phorurex getting his swap in damage removed, who, in case you didn’t know, has a no delay, priority cunning rampage.


I can’t keep doing this anymore


Well yeah.
I kinda like priority and swapin moves.


Lost faith on the forums? That’s normal, at this point everything left to do is laugh


Yes. Yes I can


Magnus is dead. Haast hasn’t been able to really ever take off. Mortem is good but with ref around, manageable. Albert’s priority is locked behind a delay. Tuoromoloch isn’t good outside of raids, and it needs the priority. Priority isn’t the problem. It’s just these creatures getting insane stats, resistances, and crazy moves with 50 effects not priority.

And @Moksha , why are you complaining about priority when you were complaining about phorurex just a few days ago. You nerf priority creatures, you nerf phorurex. You nerf phorurex, you complain. You don’t nerf priority, you complain. Ludia cannot go down 2 roads at once. You need to just adapt


Very true even as a Maximus player I could even say it doesn’t perform as great as I wanted to I only use it because it’s fun and I love it but you are right it never took off hopefully it gets a buff and be’s better but you are right.

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Yep. Half of the creatures with priorities aren’t even that hard to defeat


I think the main reason I even made this account is to laugh at dumb posts ngl


But now my account has turned into an actual account so yea

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Haha that change to mortem made me laugh. It’s like they went back and looked at the whole nitro Thor debacle and said to themselves “how can we make this 10x more annoying?”

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IDGT would disagree with you right now, sitting 1,700 trophies clear with a Magnus on his team.