” Priority ” have killed the game!

Swap ins have definitely killed it for some.

I certainly find less enjoyment in the game with SIA at every corner.


With the exception of Cerat, I like this team.

They did, not sure why they’re making another one.

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Hydra, Troodaboa, Compy’s and Tarbo all have no cool down priorities. Cera with its speed up can be considered a no cooldown priority creature by just doing the speed up every other move. Ref, Mortem and Anky all have cool downs after that 1st priotity attack. If I put in Tuoramoloch, it would be condidered a no cool down priotiry creature with its speed up that keeps it faster than most speed boosted creatures.

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Nevermind i defeated the level with the dioraja and thor with ONLY COMPIES AND THYLACOTATOR

Alright you dont need to complain anymore i passed that level

Ever faced against Evasive Cunning Impact or Cautious Cunning Rampage because they are better than Instant Charge


Thor only gets crits when you don’t need them. it will sadly always be this way

I just checked… My game still works. So the game has not been killed.
What is “hurting” the game is an erosion of the player base.
This is due to:
Broken promises from the game development team. In regards to balancing, boost resets, and an overly aggressive creature release, when they promised to work on bugs instead,
Toss in a deliberate lack of balance to generate quick sales through power creep while establishing a lack of trust in a product purchase, because what is great today, will be a 1000 dollar waste the very next update. At that point you see the game is being pushed close to the cliff edge. But not yet killed.


He/she always have something.

You mean the instant strike with not even 100% stun chance, delay of 1 turn and cooldown of 2?
If you have problems with that, then you don’t want to face all of the others instant impacts and rampages with 293726 effects.


I dont think they are working on bugs lol

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Instant charge is the least of our worries, for sure… Lots of things worse nowadays. In fact, I feel like the power creep has never been bigger. Priority moves are just a part of that.

That’s because the creatures you used against thor were like ten level lower than it.
Just wait till you get to the apexes in the campaign.

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I know how it feels and also i passed that level with the thor and dioraja

Your remove thor post seemed to say otherwise


You can’t do this as the priority has a delay unless with revenge

I think most of us have completed the campaign…

There is more… The game was killed with the moment they have started adding super complicated and complex moves and FLOCKS. Now they keep spamming the game with OP/broken hybrids in every new update so most people can’t keep up. I won’t even say anything about inability to remove boosts from max boosted creatures they make irrelevant in matter of weeks.

Agee with your post. :sunny: