Priority in the Instant Charge

When I face my Thor (Unic, level 22) to Allosinauros (legendary) level 20 and we both use “Instant Charge” he always hits first. That means that in these hits also the speed goes before the “degree” (unic, legendary) and the level (22, 20).

I take this opportunity to ask two things that continue to surprise me because it seems that it does not always work in the same way.

When I use the “Swoop” of the Spintahsuchus or a “XXXXX and Run”, the blow counts as turn ?, that is, if I have hit the first one in that turn with that blow I will receive a blow from the opponent to my new creature before start the next turn with priority calculation?

The second is about the “substitution dino” in these “XXX and Run” hits. Until now I thought that the dino substitute was always the first from left to right but yesterday in a combat I used the “Swoop” and I saw how the dino that was more to the right of the four came to the arena. It is random?

It is curious to be almost in the “elite” (49XX) but still have many doubts about how the dinos behave in the arena.

There are always things to discover. It’s better to ask for something than assuming something wrong and be fooled in an important battle.

For the speed you can refer to this :

It works exactly the same for same class attack (ie 2 normal attacks or 2 act first attack)

For your second question, yes this is part of the turn. It means your swapped in Dino willy take any damage for the turn and any eot effects too. Some strategy are based on this.

For the swap mechanic, the Dino swapped in is always the first Alive to the right of the swapper. They patched it, before 1.3 it was a random swap in.

Hope it helps! I’m going to make some vids about these behaviors. Some are quite interesting :cowboy_hat_face:


Thank you very much quakeur for all the answers! These points have already been clear to me !!

With your answer to the first question I have one more doubt. Now I know that the “Instant charge” of a rival Utarinex will always be before the “Instant Charge” of my Thor with which it is possible that my Thor is dead after this attack without having done almost damage to the opponent. Assuming that my Thor survives the Instant Charge of the Utarinex but that this Instant Charge has stunned me, who will start the third turn, I have a pending Instant Charge or he who has stunned me? I think it has happened to me once and that was the second thing but I’m not sure.

Abusing your patience would ask you one more thing. At what point does the bleeding occur? It seemed to me that the bleeding occurred only after a blow, is that correct? I give an example:

If I have a spinotasuchus of 22 and my opponent a spinotasuchus of 21 and we both hit with “Lethal Wound”, after the first turn my opponent will have bled (because his blow was after my bleeding) and instead I will not (because my blow it was before his bleeding) is it like that?

The truth is that there are things that are not obvious in the game and can only be found by playing a lot and fixing or asking. Thanks again.

Bleed ticks at end of turn after both Dino’s have used their move

Thanks Beast!, In fact, I’ve checked it in a battle just now. The truth is that they are things that are not obvious at all.

It’s a borrowed mechanic from d&d(dungeons and dragons) almost every RPG that features poison or bleed works like this! Damage ticked at an interval(if real time) or end of turn(turn based) Prob why they didn’t feel they needed to explain it! But you have a good point that it’s not clearly explained!