Priority is clearly bugged

Every time one of my dinos fight the same dino at the same level, the other one attacks first. No speed modifiers, nothing different, the “?” shows up indicating it should be random who attacks first. I’m not complaining about bad luck… seriously, i NEVER attack first in those cases, not once. Not a single time, and i run into this situation a lot (indominus lvl 20 vs the same, the most common). However, i do attack first when its different creatures with same lvl and speed (pyrritator vs monomimus, for instance). So however you guys programmed this to work, it doesnt work properly for sure. Please check it out. Im sure there are more players with the same issue.

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It’s not random, it’s the fastest to input his attack. It works exactly as it’s supposed to be.

I think it’s not good to rely on fastest input and that is a poor design choice but it’s on another topic :sweat_smile:

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Other than the first battle the advantage is with the player putting on a creature as they know it will be a stalemate and can be ready to hit the attack button - the opponent has to react to the fact …

Really? Thats how it works? Wow that really is lame. I didnt know that, thank you!

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why is that lame?

if the dinos are the same speed, its the player who has to be faster.


It is a very lame system. Especially if, like myself, I’m apparently running on a slower phone. It is the one time that a 50/50 RNG would be worthwhile.

well, inasmuch as no one here has any problems with the implementation of RNG in the game, i cant see how this could possibly fail.

Also, I’ve noticed if you have equally leveled and equally fast dinosthe rarer one goes first regardless of user input:

I.e. a level 21 utarinex will always go before a 21 utasinoraptor despite both being 126

(Which makes sense)

What doesn’t make sense is the utarinex is a relatively harmless dracorex infused into a very savage raptor… and somehow gets a more powerful distraction move. I know it’s balancing but I feel a better hybrid material and unique design could have been had here. The sinoraptor is probably my favorite overall looker

For the longest time i thought it was rng i mean so much of the game is determined by rng why not… it wasnt until i read it on here that i learned otherwise. I still think a large portion of people dont understand this mechanic.

Priority goes: speed. Level. Rarity. Player.

It’s actually one of the few mechanic where there is no RNG and yet it’s the most broken imo.

It looks like 80s programming where dev were thinking it was OK to make games working on a specific cpu speed. That didn’t aged well :roll_eyes:

so i just had an odd ball fight. so i beat a brachi with my dilocherious using the distract move and i have about 500hp left. in comes indominous rex and for some reason is faster then me and takes me out. i then bring out a level 22 stegoceratops. his indominous is level 20. he cloaks, i hit one of my moves, he dodges my next. then he hits me with his cloaked apr but i survive with 69 hp and kill him.