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Priority List for Improving Clan Experience

  1. Invites- we are still unable to invite members with numbers in thier name. I have lost good members because of this.

  2. Skipping Turns Bug - every move is crucial with fighting the alpha. The fact that many combos result in a loss of a turn is a bug that punishes our strategic moves and needs to be fixed right away.

  3. Foreverwing Nerf - as discussed in my other post.

  4. I am grateful that runs not counting and energy not disappearing has improved but the work is not done as it still does occur.

  5. Screaming Death Bug- 2 bugs. 1st: sometimes unable to match using the tile under the bomb. 2nd: sometimes bomb when floated to the top does not explode and count as extra damage to SD. This bug usually happens when the bomb is moved to the top rather than floated to the top.

  6. As a suggestion in the battle log, add what #hit the run was. Clans need to keep track of how many hits thier members are making to see what players have the best resource management.

If you agree with these or would like to add something else, please comment below and be heard. :loud_sound::inbox_tray::v:

  1. Clan settings: Allow us to change from private to public or vice versa.
  1. Clan member status bug: all members seem to be offline also if they’re online.
  1. Co-leader or officer role
  1. Pinning messages in clan chat (for clan leader/co leaders only): so that important messages you want all of your clan members to see will stay at the bottom of the chat rather then disappearing and you having to rewrite it every hour or so.
  1. Clan icons: there isn’t much choice for icons, it would be cool if there are more icons and if you can change type or/and color of the background

I agree with the Foreverwing nerf. It’s become as bad as the Bewilderbeast used to be. :unamused:

  1. All alphas should have some “trick” where we can do extra damage to them. Shellfire and Screaming Death already do, but the other 3 should as well (destroying Bewliderbeast’s walls, making matches near Violet Death’s gas, clearing Foreverwings roots). - Not necessarily a clan improvement aside from more damage output from members, but you have to be in a clan to fight alphas, so :woman_shrugging:t2:

These are all fantastic ideas and I agree with each and every one! :+1:

I also want to add that there’s the bug of having to close out of, and restart the game entirely, to get notified of clan messages and sometimes even be given an Alpha key when it doesnt appear after the timer ends.

Some times I won’t realize we’re not going full HAM on an Alpha and use my last key, close out, and then have 9+ missed messages, including saving our keys for tomorrow. :woman_facepalming:


We should be able to appoint deputies for our clans


I’ve mentioned this in another post, but please allow us to view the clan battle log by player rather than by time stamp :blush:


This would be lowest on the priority list but I’d like more saved battle team slots. For alphas people have atleast a rainbow team and then a stacked team for each alpha and additionally, a campaign/quest team lol and then when arena comes out a team for that. So way more than 5 teams.


Where u at @Ned :blush: this is a very thorough list of fixes for clan experience improvement with good support behind it. We would like to know that the developers are aware of our list and are working on these specific items.

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Hey shortySTK, your list has been shared with our team. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks very much :blush::v:

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@Ned I also want to suggest a better Automated Moderation system for the Clan description.

I’m trying to write the following description, but it keeps getting moderated

Northern Viking Clan. Requirements: 5500+ Bp, Active, Discord

After typing in the words one by one i came to the conclusion that Discord is the problem, which i think is really weird (especially since it doesn’t get moderated when you use that word in clan chat)

Anyway, I want to suggest 2 things

  1. That the automated moderation System tells you which word is the problem, so you can avoid using it next time.
  2. Instead of erasing the clan description entirely (when it gets moderated) it is replaced by the previous one.

I’ll pass your idea along, Zhyan. Thanks!