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Priority moves before Swap in abilities

Hear me out. Priority moves, all of them, should happen before a Swap in ability. This would actually benefit all creatures that have a Swap in Ability, or Priority moves. Examples:

-Your dinos would be safe from that potentially lethal Dracoceratops Swap in.
-Swap in Null and Swap in Stun would get MAJOR buffs (pls nerf Procerathomimus tho)
-Scenario: Erlidominus uses Cloak just as Procerathomimus swaps in. Normally, that Swap in Null would go to waste, and potentially end up dooming the Procerathomimus. But if the Cloak went first, the Swap in Null would have an effect, and keep it safe from taking boosted Rampage damage. Swap in Null is pretty useless as it is. If timed right, all it does is either make it easier to hit your opponent (remove shields), or take slightly less damage (remove ferocity). This would seriously bring up the game for Swap in Null dinos. But seriously, please give Procerathomimus a nerf, this is ridiculous.
-Scenario 2: Swap in Stun/Stunning Strike/Head Butt would be very relevant. If the opponent uses Instant Distraction or Invincibility just as you swap in with a stun, you would immediately get the upper hand, considering that your opponent will be in that “long stun” phase, allowing you to inflict your opponent with an attack while avoiding the risk of taking damage.
-Scenario 3: Priority moves would feel like actual priority. It goes unnoticed, but a well timed Dracoceratops swap in SHOULD be preventable, and right now it just isn’t. Having the ability to actually have a chance to block such a game making move would turn the tables, and actually require some legitimate strategy for Dracoceratops (and other Swap in Damage) users.

What do you guys think? Do you like the idea of Dracoceratops actually having a strategy? Do you like the idea of Swap in Null actually being useful? This would really help boost the Swap Meta if it worked this way, and Ludia does seem to like their swap in creatures.


We’ve all said the same thing before, but Ludia doesn’t listen to the players.

Save your time typing because they won’t listen.

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Too late, it has been typed.


I was afraid of such an outcome. Still fun to think about though

That’s where I stopped reading.

You want safe, maybe Pokemon Go is your jam.

I fully agree with you @Death_Raptor. Priority moves should trigger before swap-in abilities do. I’ve said this numerous times but get shouted down for it.

Priority moves that do damage are problematic. Already overleved and overboosted Thor is a problem. With priority moves going first Thor could easily sweep whole team.

Phorusaura could easily beat Procerathomimus with Instant Rampage available. Proceratho swaps in, Phorusaura Instant Rampage, swap in nullification from Proceratho, Proceratho Nullifying strike, Phorusaura Superiority strike and Proceratho dead. Even with Evasive used from Proceratho Phorusaura should get one more attack.

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I dunno, I kinda like that swap in always goes first. If you want to anticipate this, do a swap yourself. The only problem is that some swap in actions are too strong, mainly the rats rampage. Everything else is just there to annoy your dino and you can outsmart that by predicting a swap and swapping to something fast yourself.
If priority always goes first, then instant shield/distract dinos would be way too overpowered and the game would yet again require a complete overhaul.
I don’t wanna sounds too conservative, again, but it’s good like it is :slight_smile:


Enjoy swapping in a stunner or entrance shielder like Alankylo on a Phorusaura only to get hit by its priority move. I don’t like the idea, also it would keep letting Miragaia and Paramoloch escape.

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That’s why I agree with OP.

It has been suggested before and I’ll respond once again :
Just remove Swap in Rampage. No problem anymore.

We should not change the whole system, messing up much more creatures just because of 1 single problem.

The only problem is swap in rampage. Then remove it ! Why we have to accustom other moves for the sake of a problematic move ? You are doing it reversely.

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Better idea just rename the game “Jurassic swap” give everything swap in attacks and basic first round moves that do like 20 different things at once because that is that is what is happening anyway might as well just speed things up