Priority moves need a rework

Here’s the scenario:
My opponent and I both have level 20 ankyntrosaurus. Obviously who moves first is decided by input speed. We both use the priority move ‘crippling distraction’. I go first due to inputting the move faster, opponent goes after.

Here’s the thing. As he uses a move, despite it not being a damage dealing one, he is no longer debuffed by my crippling distraction.
On turn two he goes first and uses nullifying strike which deals full damage. My counter attack is debuffed. I use nullifying second which is also debuffed and he deals a full counter worth of damage.

The same sort of scenario would also apply to instant invincibility assuming we both used thagomiser instead of nullifying.

I personally think the way this currently works is arbitrary and flawed. Two solutions I can think of:

  1. have priority moves only last until the end of the turn not until the opponent uses a move.
  2. make it so priority move effects only apply when the opponent uses a damage dealing move. E.g. If my opponent used nullifying strike turn one he wouldn’t be debuffed turn two but if he used crippling distraction of insta-invincibility he would still be debuffed turn two.

Anyone have any other thoughts/solutions?

I would get rid of the speed ties getting decided by input speed altogether. Everything else is strategy, this is just handing it to the player with the better internet. The matchup you described is even worse than a mirror raptor matchup. You actually want to go LAST. Timing your input right before timer expiration and risking it to default into the basic move doesn’t feel in the spirit of this game.

A simple solution would be to make it random. It wouldn’t make it more strategic, but would make it more fair.

A harder solution would be to have dinos of the same speed perform their move somewhat simultaneously. For example: Neither is affected by the opponent’s debuff applied on this turn (as if they went first). Both are affected by it the next turn. Both receive damage even if one of them dies. I imagine this would require some serious coding though.

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I agree that randomness would be an ideal solution for deciding whos faster when it comes to normal moves. It would certainly save me a lot of stress😅.

However with these priority moves it would not really resolve it in a satisfactory manner for me. Saying this, it would be a lot better than it is currently.