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Priority Moves should be faster than Swap-ins

Priority Moves like Instant Distraction, Instant Charge, Regeneration etc. should be faster than any Swap-ins like a swap-in DSR by a Dracoceratops, because after all they’re called priority. So that can nerf a bit the rat or something and you have to think more about swap in a dino, because for example your Trykosaurus would die if now a Dracoceratops swaps in, but if Tryko does Instant Distraction at that moment the rat swaps in the rat is then quite screwed. What do you think guys?


Agreed, It would be a decent balance against the often discussed Dracoceratops.


:100: I’ve always thought this - allows you to anticipate a swap in and counter the currently uncounterable.


This is the optimum solution and it makes far more sense. The priority order should be: SIA Buffs/Negatives, Priority Moves, SIA Attacks, Standard moves.

Evasive/Cloak, IC, ID, etc should all be faster

it’d become far easier to counter the horde of dracorats if this was implemented


The only thing I would add is also consider the Dino speed. For example: if Thor use instant charge and DC swap in, the instant charge has priority.

That would work so much better. They are priority for a reson


There have been many times I wished my priority was actually the priority over this swap in madness we have now.


This would be great so many times my opponent swaps DC as I use priority it doesn’t make much sense.

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