Priority of *instant* moves

How is ‘Instant Charge’ even allowed to be faster than ‘Instant Invincibility’ and ‘Instant Distraction’?

In my mind you should at least have a chance to counter an instant charge with an instant invincibility.

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Whoever presses it first

If two instant moves are used at the same time faster dino goes first…

Plus even if you went first, if stun still hits they get a free turn because youll spend the next turn stunned.


Two instant moves are still based on speed :man_facepalming: maybe that only seems blatantly obvious to me ? Idk

So for instance in tryko vs utarinex. If utarinex used instant charge, u expect trykos instant distraction or instant invincibility to go first? Lol

How’s that seem logical to you

Yap if 2 priority skill used in same time who ever has higher speed go 1st.

Sorry but I’ve just got to say ‘He who presses the quickest wins…?’ That’s a very out of place mechanic within this turn-based battling system. Priority moves ought to be on a priority scale i.,e. -1 -2 -3 (like in Pokemon), or rather than ‘out-pressing’ an attack against your opponent (I always thought that sucked when equally matched) put it back to RNG like everything else is in this game. Quick presses aren’t fair, especially if you have less than perfect speed data/signal or reactions (this isn’t a reaction-based game, it’s turn-based!)


This is a terrible mechanic in my opinion. I have an older phone which has a slower connection so I never win these instances. When it would come down to a “he who presses quickest” moment is when it should be a 50/50 chance.

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Indeed and for the sake of repeating myself (and hopefully maybe @Ludia will hear)

Jurassic World: Alive is a turn-based strategy/competitive battling game. There is no room for ‘Real-time’ to take priority over strategy. I hope that this issue is taken seriously by the devs and addressed accordingly in the name of fairness and balance.

To be 100% fair all priority moves ought to be on a -1, -2, etc scale! (-2 take priority over -1, etc) and defensive moves ought to take priority over attacking moves for there to be any strategy involved… the second option (much better than the real-time mechanic) would be to put it down to RNG like everything else.

Instant moves take the same things into account normal moves do. Dino speed, then level, then rarity. Only after all of that is exhausted does it fall to who has entered their move first. It’s hardly a game breaking design.

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Never did I say it was ‘game-breaking’ it’s just totally out of place having a ‘reaction-based’ move in a ‘turn-based’ and ‘RNG-based’ game. I’m not sure how people, and more importantly the @Devs cannot see this. This really needs to be rectified for fairness sake. Please set priority moves with priorities @Ludia, I would say the same for equal level encounters of the same dino/speed. Let it be under a priority system not a reaction-based duel!

Did you mean to come off condescending and demeaning or was that just accidental?

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Didnt mean to. But i do still feel like that should be obvious :man_shrugging: