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Priority with level or Rarity?

So I was under the impression that priority in a match was based on 3 things, A. Speed, B. Level, and C. Rarity. So fastest speed goes first, same speed is based on level or Rarity, same level same type goes to whoever chooses move 1st. But there have been several times I have fought a dino with same speed, higher level, but lower rarity that gets priority. So is is just based on level and speed, meaning a legendary 1 level higher would go before a unique?

It goes like this:

  1. speed
  2. if same speed, the dino with higher level
  3. if same lvl, the dino with higher rarity
  4. if same rarity, whoever clicks first.
    This is the same for attacks and for priority moves.

If a creature is slowed, then it lost its priority even it is facing creatures with exactly the same speed, level and rarity.

That’s what’s I figured. Although I was really depressing that my Dilora was not faster than a Spinotasuchus, just figured that a unique would outspeed a legendary of same speed.

Friendly battles are great for practicing #4, whoever clicks first, since everything is set at level 26.

Yeah that’s hard. I just had a diplotator outspeed my utasinoraptor. A diplotator, I can’t believe it

Yeah I think rarity should come into affect.

Ok so something weird… I faced off against a level 23 Erlidomimus (129 speed) but he was automatically faster than my level 23 Spinotasuchus (129 speed). He had no buffs because he kept switching in and out. So wouldn’t that come into the effect of who clicks first?

This is where the rarity comes in. Because erli is a unique it outspeeds a legendary at same speed/level

Your welcome


Thank you!

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1.creature with same speed higher level goes first
2. Creature with same speed and same level who clicks first goes
3. Who clicks first goes