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Priotrodon > Amphibian Conversion?


Hi Ludia,

There is an overload of strong carnivores in the game, which is fine as they are the signature beasts.

With the release of the Indoraptor and other stronger carnivore hybrids, I believe the Priotrodon has become over-shadowed and less desirable which is a shame as it is definitely one of the coolest looking creatures in the game at level 40. It is an expensive pursuit and hard to justify when you know that there are statistically superior creatures available for similar DNA amounts.

Therefore, I propose a fairly easy resolution… make the Priotrodon an Amphibian creature :star_struck:

It would immediately become a deadly and fearsome weapon against all the strong carnivore hybrids in the game without any stat changes, massively increasing its desirability and appearance wise, it does lend itself to being an amphibian, containing amphibious DNA of course. I believe the consensus is that there are not enough strong amphibious creatures in the game so it would also address that particular problem.

Would be interested to know if this idea has merit amongst fellow gamers and with Ludia themselves?