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Priotrodon vs Allonogmius

With the selling of my Indoraptors (they are on the way) I will finally have the ability to make one of my favorite hybrids Allonogmius or Priotrodon, on level 40! (I want to have their final appearance). Unfortunately, I can not decide which of them to choose. Will you help me on this decision?

Keep in mind that their stats are close, but I take into account the beauty most of all. This is my way to play. So please when you vote choose the hybrid that looks more awesome for you, without thinking their stats, their cost or the coins they produce.


Which hybrid is the most beautiful in level 40 ?
  • Priotrodon
  • Allonogmius

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priotrodon is a lot cheaper so your better off getting him and then you can save some dna to get allonogmius next.

Thank you for your suggestion but currently I don’t care about DNA. Neither about their stats. I said it clearly . Please vote which creature looks better. Thank you

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IMO priotrodon looks way better. The lighting of allonogmius is terrible and it looks like it could use some more shadow. Similar to the mosasaur gen 2. But its up to you so choose whichever you like

I think they fixed the problem with the lighting of Allonogmius on battles. But thanks for your opinion

I’m also noticing that one of them is very significantly different in its appearance at lvl 40 than its lower levels than the other one is. So that to me would play into which one to evolve to that level.

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Since Allonogmius is an half fish half dino, having her a shiny skin seems natural to me. So reflecting the light more, naturally forms less shadows. :slight_smile: Anyways I like their final looks almost evenly, with the color palette, fierce looking and everything. So I couldn’t decide and vote, sorry. But maybe you can choose by this approach, Allonogmius is an unique creature as being an hybrid to an aquatic creature so that makes her one of a kind. However Priotrodon seems to have the similar looks to her kind with a distinctive high back crest, like Dimetrodon and Dimetrocarnus on the other side. Being unique is one of the major criterions of the artistic approach. I hope this would help you to pick one. :wink: :call_me_hand: @kingCRAGGERcroc


Come on priotrodon is half amphibian and half mammalian synapsid …

Interesting thoughts. You understand my dilemma :laughing:. An other advantage of Allonogmius is the fact that it is a “tournament legendary hybrid” compared to Priotrodon which is a “legendary hybrid”. Tournament hybrids are considered a higher class both in rarity and power. So practically Allonogmius is more “advanced”. But these are minor details, compared to their design. These two creatures are “true hybrids”. They both share equal characteristics from both their parents and that is very important for me.


Haha yes I’ve felt your main aspect. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Then I make your job easier and vote for lovely Allonogmius, no matter how I love Prio. :grin:

Thanks for your participation! Wow, 30 votes already! Can we reach 33 votes guys? I need it in order to calculate the percentage of each choice (33Ă—3). Three more votes please !

Voted, I hope whichever wins makes you happy.


I have voted. Also,

I am so glad I am not the only one with this mentality of playing. :relieved: Nice to have company, isn’t it?


Really? So cool! I thought that I was the only one here not caring so much about the lineup. I am glad that I have company!

One more vote guys, please!!!


I made a level 2 Indoraptor while still in a level 20 VIP bench. :eyes: It’s fine though, I calculated the average ferocity and all then only proceeded but still, I did risk a lot just to see the fancy dinosaurs. :laughing:

Level 2 = prestosuchus level 40 :laughing:


Exactly! When I made my Prestosuchus to level 40, it was standing above the Indoraptor Level 2 though they both have exact same health and attack.

…This angered Fury, who made his Indoraptors to level 3. :eyes:


haha it’s just a bug…

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whats the winner!?

Ok, 33 votes. The community has chosen! And the winner is
:drum: :drum: :drum:


57% of the community voted for Priotrodon and
42% voted Allonogmius. This was pretty close right? Thank you for your response.

Sorry Allon, I have to give priority to the crocodile-synapsid first! But don’t believe I will forget you. The difference between the votes is small. I will make you as soon as I gather enough DNA again.