Prize drop bar not going up

I’ve purchased many opportunities at the prize drop however, even with my bar full, I am not receiving any prizes and I see the bar glitching out. Am I going to get my diamond prize when this rotation ends, or is there an issue causing my bar to not increase and thus not give me the prize?

Resets in 21 hours 38 minutes it says, and when its over you will be able to buy the diamond prize with very little amount of dino bucks. It happened to me before with the golden price, after the time is over the same thing can happen. Don’t forget to buy it and goodlucks with it.

I mean no much else we can do. Diamond price drop is overall, biggest rewards for the non-vips too.

If the bar did move after buying the amargasaurus tickets that is something. With the other tickets the movement can be negligible and hard to see.

Note there is a 1 hr time difference between when the chance to buy tix resets and when the prize bar resets. In that hour you can try buying one of the tickets that costs loyalty points as that should secure the diamond prize.