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Prize drop - coming soon

My prize drop shows this and was curious if it the same for anyone else.

Yes it is the same. Has happened before and usually gets sorted.

We are aware and working to have them appear as soon as possible

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Hi all, if you close and open your game the prize drops are there now.


Works for me. Thanks

My game did a quick update and it’s working now. Thank you

I always debate when the lottery refreshes whether to play it again or not…always hate using all those loyalty points that could go to a pack that might have some DBs and returns LPs back, a fair amount of food and DNA that I rarely get back, and I always seem to miss getting what I need on one of the days and end up having to pay DBs to get to the platinum prize at the end. But it’s the chance at some of the rare ones that aren’t in the 10K packs, and the chance of actually winning the 1% prizes that make me keep coming back. And darned if after deciding to play, I didn’t go and win the Apatasaurus on the lottery yesterday! Hit some of the best DNA prizes as well so that put me over the 100K mark for the first time. And to top it off, got this with one of my custom trades:

That made up for what had up until then been a really awful day!