Prize Drop Error - anyone else affected?

Hi all, I just experienced a really weird error and was wondering if anyone else experienced the same. I was over halfway through the progress bar towards the Diamond prize pack, having maxed out on Bronze and VIP tickets every day since the last reset. Suddenly, my price pack reset from Diamond to Zinc, for absolutely no reason. Now, I am at the beginning of the progress bar towards Zinc. I still show max tickets in Bronze and VIP, which would obviously be impossible - just getting the max 10 VIP tickets would already have gotten me the Zinc Prize.

I have attached a screenshot below.

I have reached out to Ludia Customer Support using the in-game Chat, as well as by email, but this is my first time contacting Ludia, so I would appreciate some advice:

  1. How long does it normally take from them to respond?
  2. Should I focus on email or the in-game chat as the main mode of contact?
  3. I assume I should just leave the Prize Drop as it is rather than continuing to buy tickets until this issue is resolved, right?

Thanks for any and all advice!

I’ve had this happen more often than I care for. I’m not sure what triggers it, I suspect some time keeping bug in the code somewhere. For me, it usually happens when I’m moving things around. It also seems to influence coin generation and the food building.

Support takes a few days to a week, but they will get back to you. Not sure how they are doing time wise currently due to the world loosing it’s mind over an 80micron RNA virus.

When it has happened to me, if I go ahead and spend Dinobucks to buy the Diamond Prize, Ludia has always reimbursed me. If I don’t spend the Dinobicks, they say, sorry it happened.

I was indeed moving a lot of things around - I conducted a full park reorganization just before this happened. Maybe it’s good advice to only reorganize your park just after Prize Drop resets.

Anyway, thanks for the advice on purchasing the Diamond Prize with DinoBucks. Unfortunately, when the option to purchase the Diamond Prize came up, I declined it. Maybe I can make it to Diamond again within the remaining time limit and then purchase it when time expires? Is that what folks would recommend I do? I certainly would never purchase for DinoBucks under normal circumstances…

Thanks all!