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Prize Drop Error

Heads up @Keith, @Daven, @Ned there is an issue with the Prize drop today:

That food should be DNA.


Thank you, Sionsith!


Hi Sionsith, thank you. The prize is now fixed, you may need to restart your game to see it in game.


I have seen something like this before

are the prize drops worth it? Thegamingbeaver said once that he got a bunch of DNA from them. Escpeically the VIP ones. Are they worth it or should I wait until top prize is like a pack or VIP creature?

@Sionsith tracked his Prize Drop for two weeks a couple of years ago

If you can complete the Diamond Wheel without using Dinobucks, it’s definitely worth it, as you get a guaranteed tournament legendary and a guaranteed VIP creature. If you have to burn Dinobucks, that’s up to you.

ok. sounds smart. I just bought vip and I made 6000 VIP points in just today. So 1200 isn’t that bad because I am guaranteed like 3000 DNA which I really need dna.

My prize drop reset today like it does on Mondays so I’ve gone back to zinc level. Is this a glitch that’s fixable?

Send in a support ticket, some folks that have had this happened and end up purchasing the final reward on Monday have them been compensated by support for the additional cost. Up to you if you want to go that route.