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Prize Drop Issue


Everyone else having an issue with the Prize drop not being available today?

I haven’t been able to do anything today other than collect the rewards from yesterday, I need to do one more VIP ticket purchase for the week to get the diamond award :triumph:.


Hey Sionsith, could you restart your game and let me know if it’s still being shown like this?


@Ned I was having the same issue. Sunday through today when the prize drop reset. Restarting the game didn’t seem to help. Ended up using 350ish dino bucks to secure a diamond wheel spin and missing the days prize drops.


Hey Potato, could you reach out to our support team here at with your support key if you’re still having this issue so our team can take a closer look? Thanks!


@Ned, @Potato, I had to shell out ~450 Dino bucks this morning to do the same. I tried restarting the game yesterday and even restarted my phone to see if that would help. Nothing did. The issues is gone today. I stopped trying to solve the issue yesterday when I saw on the Jurassic World: The Game FaceBook page that lots of folks were having the issue yesterday so then I new it was a Lydia issue and not an issue on my side.

Side note the Free hatchery pods promo is not working or at least the 4th pod is not working I just placed a creature their and paid to do so. The banner just says free hatchery pods, not sure if this is referring to just the first 1 (always free), 2, 3, or 4th pods but it is not working for the forth pod.