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Prize drop loyalty nerfed?

I’m relatively new at the game, so I’m not sure if this has been nerfed or it’s just a weird pattern I haven’t noticed - after the weekly Prize drop loyalty reward reset, the first one was a common beastie. Didn’t it used to be rare? And since the second is Super Rare, does that mean Rares are no longer there? Where am I going to get those buggers from now?

I think your right and been wondering the same thing about dino’s above common , maybe Ludia realised people were progressing to quickly and decided to nerf it.

I can see new players hitting a wall when it comes to the missions unless they get lucky with lotto and packs from events

Is the second still super rare?

No idea yet without me using dino bucks as i’m not a ViP tho you nearly hit the pack with just the first reel

I might believe that, were it not for the fact that they switched Rares for Commons, but the second box is still a SR. So, Commons are now easier and Rares are harder, and that was it.

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The second box is still SR, yes.

Zinc price for a common vs bronze for a rare. Then silver for a super rare.

Copper and tin prices must be up.


I also noticed yesterday the diamond pack was nerfed. I am not sure why they would do that but now the VIP pack if you land on it at the end instead of being a standard VIP pack which usually gives you 1,300 VIP points x 2 (I will double check my tracker and see if that’s correct), it gave me 325 VIP points x 2. I will update my prize drop thread with new data if I see anything else that might have changed.

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My guess its they expect you to now do about 10+ battles for commons so you can sell them for DNA so you can buy the rares once you’ve earnt them through missions.

It’d be interesting to see a comprehensive list of all the changes we’ve found so far. So far it seems to be overwhelmingly changes not for the better (excluding the whole mods update which seems to be a matter of opinion, and the various bugs that have been found which at least hopefully will get fixed).