Prize Drop Luck and Irony

Here we are! Here is the right thread to post what of interesting you won in the prize drop!!
That’s mine, i learned that rare tickets can be cool. Irony because there was locked Coloborhynchus in the prize drop, i thought i won two ( they were my last ones to max it ) bit Cool Kool-Aid has its part…

Spinned a wheel tho

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I remember yesterday’s prize drop, bought 20 silver tickets for a chance at euplo, didnt even get one, next week it will probably be spinosaur and il win 5 knowing my luck :man_facepalming:

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Tried with 13 euplo. Brings bad luck if you buy all tickets. Still bought twenty and got 12x of the little food, while with 10 still won 6 rhamphorhyncgus and one super. Good luck!

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Please don’t envy me lol


Such a good looking pack aswell… shame about the human hands


Nooooooooooooo. I never have bucks for the tournament tickets. Soooo frustrating. I have also seen prizes are not worth it.

For me who doesn’t have it, it sure is

Wow. That rends things brighter

Worst part is that it was first try, so I feel super guilty

Tuojiang two, not allo. Any Raja

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I also bought the prize ticket for euplo, pretty much the only time I was more interested in a SR than a vip or tourney prize.

Let me sum this up: we shouldn’t be so naive, we won’t get euplo, we just won’t. That’s a sad fact.
Btw I won a euplo a couple of days ago from a silver pack (either from infinity battle or vip pve), it is my 2nd euplo in over 16 months of playing.

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And you never geuss what I won on silver today? 2 koolasuchus and 1 rajasaur! Funny odds eh? :triumph:

Was the 2 koola card a fixed prize, almost everyone won that one (at least it seems that way)? I’m also on a Rajasaurus winning streak.

I think it was only single, I won 2 tickets

Better here