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Prize Drop missing?

My Prize Drop is on “coming soon” status, but it should have reset about 2 hours ago. Does anyone else have the same issue?


Same here. Missed finishing the last prize with tickets and had to buy it with DB. It’s been like that since I woke up a couple hours ago.


@Ned same with me…no Dino’s in the daily drop. Can purchase, but nothing there…coming soon still

Will we fall behind?

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Same here. :woman_shrugging:

Hey jimbocaw, I’m sorry about that. The prize drop should be fixed now. Could you try restarting your game and see if you’re still having issues?


It’s there for me now. What about the day we were forced to miss? Missing 1 day still lets me get the last prize, iirc, but it needs me to not miss the last day 2-hour window between the purchaseables resetting and the prize drop resetting.

It is working today…but will it set me back on getting diamond with my normal routine of any options minus DB & real $$?