Prize drop non VIP

Does anyone know how much tickets and which ones you need to buy each day to reach the gold prize pack for NON-VIP players? The reason I ask is, that when I have gathered enough resources, I would like to participate just enough to reach the gold pack, so I can buy the diamond pack with dinobucks.

I’m non-VIP.

Last week, I maxed out to get almost 2 zinc packs. (The normal line.) I only did the coin/food ones.

At the end, it offered me a silver or gold pack for big dino bucks. I passed as it was a lot of my total (I’m a small park still).

So, it is likely more than maxing out the bar 2 times.

Not your answer, but the start of a direction.

I know it starts with zinc, silver, gold then diamond, and when the 7 days are over, you get an offer for the upcoming 2 packs for dinobucks… But I am curious to know, how non-vip players should reach the gold pack (and thus also get an offer for the diamond pack) without overspending precious resources.

I’m non VIP, I’ve never really participated in any of the pack ticket stuff, the reward % just never seemed very good for what you need to spend, especially after you hit a certain level. IDK? JMO

How many DB’s does the gold pack cost anyway?

I believe the price is based on how much you invested. In other words… how far did you work the slider towards the pricepack…

I used to use the prize drop but to be completely honest, I don’t use it anymore. It rarely gives me anything I want or need.

But to answer your question, you have to max out the first two options every day, and then basically buy enough of the third option to roll it over into gold. The last two days of the week are for real money, so go the DB route early in the week. You’ll blow through like 6,000 DNA, and 3,000 DBs getting to gold

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Which is basically a way of saying, it’s really not worth doing if you aren’t a VIP. Do the free tickets, sure, but the cost in DBs just isn’t worth the return.


I completely agree. Even then, it still charges you something outrageous if you have to buy your way to the next pack, and to me, one single tourney creature isn’t worth the investment


You could (at one time) get the price down to about 1400 DB if you buy all the cards in a week that are available for DNA, food or coins. I used to do this a lot before they made DBs harder to get.

Oh, never EVER buy the card packs for DBs. They drop the final cost of the gold pack by about a tenth of what you pay. So if you buy 1000 DBs worth of cards you still pay about 1300 DB at the end.

But that is for the gold package I assume and not for the diamond one?.. because that is always a lot more db for me.

I’m non-VIP and I open the diamond pack from the prize drop every Monday morning for about 5,500 bucks (it seems to always vary slightly). It’s the ONLY time I spend bucks on the prize drop; I don’t spend any bucks on tickets throughout the week. If you watch all the videos and spend all the coins/food/DNA offers for tickets, you’ll have enough progress to choose to buy a gold or diamond prize when it resets each week. The key is probably making sure you do the DNA for ticket offers in the second slot on (I believe) Wednesday and Thursday each week. It’ll cost you 3200 DNA each day, but that’s where a lot of progress is made.

Yes I know… But isn’t the best value for money to reach the gold pack with tickets, so u can buy the diamond pack for bucks? So U will have both the packs with the worthwile dino’s. I just dont want to overspent, because the rewards from the tickets are merely worth it imho. So was wondering how much you need to spent to just reach gold on monday, so u can buy diamond for bucks that same monday as well.

Gotcha. Wasn’t clear on what you were asking. It would take a lot of bucks during the week to reach the gold pack by Monday. Not worth it IMO.

Very true. Not worth

But if you do it as VIP it is for sure worth it especially when you get one of the 50k LP creatures on the wheel…


Or even better… when you get the 50K prize pack with (got the Stygy pack today!) Since I just spent all my DNA on the sDNA packs, it was particularly sweet to get the 7500 DNA!


non VIP, i have never done any of the prize drop stuff so i don’t really know how it works.

With that being said, the Titanoboa is a possibility in the 3rd pack rewards. My kid has wanted that thing on her game for quite sometime. Is there anyway for me to get a decent chance at getting it?

If so what is the process?

Thanks i advance

The percentage is there to see. It’s 1 percent per purchased ticket. U can buy 20 tickets. If u do, make sure u use the discount by selecting the little plus in the right corner. Otherwise it is waiting for ludia to rotate it, or maybe u can purchase it with real money

I know you can buy the tickets for possibility, i just wasn’t sure, people were talking about getting chances to buy packs at the end of the week or something i didn’t know if any of that applied