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Prize drop non-VIP

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Regarding your question, @mrbill2084 seems to have worked it out in this thread Beginner questions.

If you wish to have a read through it, but in short, he stated that you would need to purchase all of the tickets from the 1st and 2nd slot during the week - so you would be spending 3,600 Dino Bucks for the gold prize and an option for the Diamond prize for another 4,000 DB.

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It’s not worth going to gold spin. Just get to gold Level Tier and buy the diamond fidelity pack At the end of the week for the vip Dino.

I am pretty sure you can get to gold tier without buying any silver tickets. If not, You have a option to use dna to buy 40 silver tickets every week.


Diamond Spin is impossible for any regular player who is not a VIP,maybe make it possible to purchase slots in the Golden One for DNA,maybe 500 DNA per ticket.

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I think diamond Spin might be doable now for now for non vip. The game currently overlaps for 1 hour(at least for me on west coast). So you have access to An extra day of ticket purchases. Which would give you 10 more bronze and 20 more silver to do it.

Last time I tried, I don’t think it I could get there without a real money purchase(it was really close buying all possible). But now, I think it might work. It mike take 25-30k to do it. I am going to save up and give it a shot. Probably will take me two weeks to figure it out. Totally not worth the effort, but I want to try.

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Thank you so much! Im sitting around lvl 65, and my knowdledge on the game is not that great compared to others. Would you say this is worth it? Again thank you :slight_smile:

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Hello Bill. I am a bit confused by what you mean when you say that buying the “diamond fidelity pack” at the end of the week is the best idea. Is this some type of pop up offer? Does it cost Dino bucks? Is it VIP exclusive? Thank you so much for the help :slight_smile:

Not really,you should know the Jurassic World Prize Drop by now, am sure of that. So when you purchase Tickets in there,you can get certain rewards,upon purchasing a certain number of tickets,you get a Fidelity Pack,Zinc being the first(A Common) , next being a Silver Fidelity(A Super Rare), Gold Fidelity(Tournament Creatures,the ones for unlock in Tournaments that come by the weekend,Diamond Fiedlity being the last(A VIP Creature which you can only purchase in packs that need 50k Loyalty Points,particularly VIP Players get to purchase these)

Not worth it.

Eventually you will be able to compete in the weekly tournaments and end up in the Dominator League and you will be able to get those Tournament and some VIP dinos for free.

DB has better uses than to unlock a certain reward level for Prize Drop. Others will tell you, have patience and the dinos will come.


at the end of the week of prize drop, if you are in the gold tier, the game will offer you a chance to purchase a gold fidelity pack for like $3000 dino bucks(dont buy it) or a diamond fidelity pack for like $5000 dino bucks. you REALLY want to purchase the diamond pack. it has one of 24 vip creatures in it. If you purchase the solid gold packs 10,000 loyalty points they only have 18 vip creatures in it(still worth getting those). Its the only way a non vip can get those other 6 creatures.

vip creatures are some of the best dinos in the game(until you start racking up some of the hybrids and super hybrids). any chance you can get a vip creature, you should take them. If you use trade harbor to the max and you fight in enough pvp matches, you should be able to bring it $5k-$15k dino bucks a week.

I cant think of any tourneys that give you vip creatures or have a vip on the prize wheel. you get legendary gold ones, but not vip. the only way for a non vip player to get vip dinos is prize drop diamond pack and buying solid gold packs.

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I think if you follow @mrbill2084 advice you can get to the gold level which gets you a spin of the gold wheel. This gets you a tournament creature. Then you can buy up to diamond at the end of the week and claim a VIP, possibly a 50k one. All that for about 7k DB (iirc) plus other resources like dna and food. That’s not a bad deal to be honest.

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My mistake, no VIP tourney if you’re not VIP. But, 7K DB spent all week only for 1/4 chance at a non-Solid Gold VIP is still not recommended for someone starting out, Level 65.

mrbill2084 does a lot of PvP, so his method may not work the same as yours.

Solid Gold VIPs will work just as well as 50K VIPs.

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I agree too, it’s a LOT of DBs to spend so if you do want to try it, be sure that you are generating a lot in the game. If you keep your market clean (no mods, no creatures, no buildings or decorations) and do a lot of PvPs you can collect a fair amount of DBs each week and it might be worth doing in that case, just make sure that you have a good stash built up so that you always have at least 10K or so of DBs should something like a mod tournament roll around, or if you need to use DBs to finish in Dominator. I’ve found that one thing you really don’t want to miss in this game is the possibility of a Dominator finish for something you don’t have unlocked and/or doesn’t come up in battles stages or frequently in CoT (like most of the carnivores do). VIPs are great, but you don’t want to deplete your DBs to get one.


Hello There. Thank you so much for the in-depth answers you have given me, they have helped out a lot. You say that it should be possible to get 5k-15k dino bucks a week through pvp and trades. Do you use weak or strong dinasaurs in the pvp? What is the fastest way to grind out the pvp rewards? Cheers :slight_smile:

A few weeks back I paid up for the diamond pack (just for the hell of it tbh) and got a Pterodaustro. I understand that I got lucky there, but there’s no other way I could have got the badge so I can see me doing it again from time to time. As @Mary_Jo says though, I’ll only be doing it when I’ve the resources to do so.

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the diamond fidelity pack has 1 vip creature in it 100% of the time. I was mistaken in the previous thread. I thought it was worthwhile to get into the diamond tier. I thought there were creatures you could not easily get in the gold spin, but all are regular legendary gold. so no need to get into diamond tier.

you do not need to spend no money to get to gold tier. At most it would require a few silver tickets to get there and you can get those with dna and not dino cash. So spending up to $5000 for a diamond fidelity vip pack is a good deal.

as for what to fight with in pvp, The game has changed since they did the level 50+ packs. Its really cut out the dino cash out of the game. If you look at the prizes, it says you have 3x 25% chances to get a cash prize when you land on a pack. Other than mystery packs, I think you chances of getting a dino cash prize opening a pack is more like 3x of 1%.

One thing I noticed, I think you get more chances at cash in the pvp wheel spins when you are using lesser dinos. I dont have the patience to figure out if fighting in novice,intermediate, or advanced tiers increases your chances to get a cash prize. It seems to me that its when I am fighting with my end of the bench dinos I have a greater chance to hit the $500 dino buck slot. There are many ways to win pvp, but I think the easiest way is to have a balanced team of 3 different classes. Strike when you know you will kill. dont be afraid to sacrifice a creature to gain advantage.

as for generating cash, the trade harbor are the best and easiest source of getting cash. I just keep hammond and fossil in my market. eventually you will get $300-$500 for those. but for the custom trades, the best deal is to trade in is legendary dinos. you $100 cash for 2 or you get 500-900 loyalty points for them. the fossil you cant get cash and it will give you less loyalty points(I tried it once and got 293 loyalty points for it so its range has to be in the 250-500 area). I dont think you have to play any pvp to get $5000 in cash a week out of it. just check in every 3 hours and take all the cash you can get out of the harbor.

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Again, i appreciate the long time you spend writing this. I will definantly try to maximise my buck income from the Harbor after reading what you said. Im not sure what “hammond” is, but im asuming fossil means the dinasaurs you have in the market. I will also try out to trade in some of my legendarys for the LP. Thx for the great advice(s)

Hammonds are the John Hammond Statue decorations and Fossils are the Apatosaurus Fossil decorations. These are the top end non-VIP decorations. Most higher end players use Hammonds as their decoration of choice (after Clock Towers). Both Hammonds and Fossils make excellent trade bait.

I would advise against trading of creatures you will later need to advance your lineup. If you have extras, sure, trade away. But trading creatures that you know you will have to buy back later works against your long game

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only trade legendary golds if you dont need them. look at the stats and see if they will be useful down the road(you also might need them to create a hybrid). generally, the gold creatures take 7 days to hatch. so if they need to get to level 30 or 40 to be useful, then they are probably not worth hatching. most vips are unbeatable at level 30. very winnable in pvp at level 20.

I assume your still doing the story fetch quests. plan ahead for those. when you have to feed 40 dinos or get to xx level 40 dinos or have xx of say amphibians, it can be a hassle if you dont plan ahead.

hammond and fossil are the top decorations not sure when they unlock, but they are a great way to store coins if you need them to make a trade harbor trade. yes you loose 1/2 purchase price selling them, but when you can get say 40,000,000 in food for 80,000,000 in coins, sell the extras!

early in the game, dna and food is not that big of an issue, but when your trying to ge the higher end dinos that cost up to 70,000 dna, your going to wish you did not waste dna. and when you trying to level up those big beasts that take tons of food, you will be trying to keep you food level up.

as a rule, always take dino cash in trade harbor. Never spend it in harbor unless you see a good deal on a mod you might need for a daily challenge prize (regenerate, toxin, inspire, predation and terrify are all great mods I try to keep 4 or more in stock). dino cash > loyalty points > dinos > food > coins.

I never fight in the pvp modded arenas. You get better prizes in the regular battles. It might be worthwhile to gather sdna, but I still have enough sdna to hatch 14 indoraptors. So its not a high need. doing the daily events slowly racks up the sdna.

I would add that what you think you have enough of, often ends up not being the case. It’s not just about their stats. For instance, right now we are having this tournament requiring a lot of pterosaurs… on top of daily events that ALSO require pteros. Class-specific events (like for rare, SR or legendaries only) will also tend to stretch your lineups to their limits unless you’ve been playing for a fairly long time and have had time to really fill up your paddocks. And once we get Code 19s back, you’ll find that leaving lvl 10 Legendaries in paddocks until you have to level them up to clear space is a great way to farm for DNA. I’ve been playing for a whole year and I still try to hatch everything I get… when my common paddocks start getting maxxed, I make hybrids if possible.

The one big reason to do some modded PvPs is the s-DNAs that aren’t currently available. Right now for instance, it’s the only way to get Kapro s-DNA (the Spino being a fantastic tournament dino, big attack with a short CD), and an approx. 50% chance of getting 50 sDNA is pretty nice. s-Hybrids are the best creatures in the game, the only ones that can rival VIPs so I personally mix doing both PvP types… always doing whatever regular PvPs I get free ad watches to do.

I like the way Mary thinks! I do the same, just hatch what I am given and keep them as low as
possible in the paddocks until there is a need for them.

My reason for playing modded PvP is not the S-DNA though. It’s for the chance at landing on the Spinoraptors and Rajastegas. It’s also nice to not have to watch videos sometimes too.