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Prize drop reset

My prize drop progress randomly reset tonight. You can see in the pic I have 20 tickets, yet have barely made any progress toward the “zinc” prize (typically I believe that takes 10-11 tickets total to obtain, so I should be way beyond that). I can’t open a support ticket through the game because every time I try to send a message, I get a “failed to send” error despite refreshing. Is this happening to anyone else? Any advice on how to proceed?


Hey Coasterdude318. You can reach out to our support team directly at with your support key and they can take a closer look. Thanks!


Thanks, I’ll try that.


Once again, Ludia support was completely worthless. According to them they “checked their logs” and there was no reset for me yesterday. I’d love for them to explain, then, how I could have 31 tickets yesterday but have not even earned the Zinc prize. That’s not possible.

They also stated I received a gold fidelity pack yesterday, which I certainly did not. That’s not even possible if there was no prize drop reset. :roll_eyes:

It’s no secret this game is full of bugs and glitches, and has been since the start. But it’s a problematic combination when support is also so consistently poor.

I’m sorry your experience with our support team was not as positive as we would like it to be. If you could please follow up with our support team again in your ticket, our team would be happy to try and see if they could provide more information regarding your issue, @Coasterdude318.