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Prize Drop Surprise

I got a very welcome surprise from the Prize Drop this morning.


I’d have mixed fillings about that… mostly because it would back up my hatchery! :wink:

Good problems to have?

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When it’s a new creature, there is no conflict


I wonder if I will ever get the 1% pack on weekends from the vip prize drop ahah

I also got lucky today…

Hatch time:

Lvl 10

Lvl 20

Lvl 30

Lvl 40


Now I am wondering if I shouldn’t have taken a week off! :frowning:

This has to be the longest a new creature has been in the game without an unlock.

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I think Pliosaurus and Sarkastodon still have it beat. Maybe…

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Don’t sweat it.

I didn’t get it in the lotto. And I paid for the “losing” lotto tickets.

I do have one. I think I got it last week in a late battle stage card pack (not unlock). (Not that that helps you either.)

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I don’t have it at all, and I love its design, but yeah, no way to know. But you can’t have a chance to win without playing! I just like taking a week off once in awhile and not have to make sure I play every day.

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Oh yeah, the Pliosaurus was a long time I know from when I started to play. Don’t know though if that was since it was first added. No idea on the other.

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Today was a super good day with the lottery here as well. Got 2 leedsychthis, 1 mosasaurus, and hit the 1% prize on each of the other two areas as well! Which is definitely nice cause overly the last week I was thinking about taking some time off from lottery since it had been over 2 weeks since I got the 1% prize for any category.


Sarkastodon was not available as an unlock for like 3 years I think, and it was just a lonely Rare back then.


:star_struck: Congratulations, Andy_wan_kenobi!


I’m glad you’ve had a good day/week.

I’ve just been skunked all week.

The only thing I’m happy with is the diamond pack I got last week was the 50K VIP amphibian.

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Wow, that’s crazy! I didn’t really pay much attention to a lot of those cenos and aquatics that weren’t used as hybrids or in a badge for a beacon, but I did remember the Plio as a lot of players kept mentioning needing it.

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Hhm, just got another nice 11K trade for a Jurassic, my third this week and my second pickup of a Concavenator, enough to make another lvl 30. So not minding skipping the lottery now so much! :wink: That’s always the tradeoff for me, I like the chances to get both the 50K VIPs as well as sometimes getting lucky and scoring a nice bonus prize. But after a few weeks of getting VIPs I don’t really need or want and not landing any decent prizes, I get annoyed with it and take a break off. Was lucky that this time it really paid off for me with the right kinds of trades coming up.


I got one to! (The aquatic one)


@Andy_wan_kenobi right on! I got one also.

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Not a prize drop but i was pleasantly surprised with what i got from some 10k LP packs today.

The 10k packs had recently put a bad taste in my mouth after getting only 3 dino’s from the last 11 packs i had opened. So i have been saving the LP’s to potentially use on 20k packs to make sure i was going to get a dino i wanted and or 2 of the same.

My patience has been running a little low waiting for a 20k pack i wanted to purchase along with my desire to play the game much at all right now. So i figured i’d just blow the LP’s i have on 10k packs.

Well it was worth it. I ended up with 2 Mastodonsaurus and 1 Eolambia. I have 16000 left but figured i would wait for the next 20k pack to see what it is. If it’s nothing i’m interested in ill snag 2 more 10k packs.


Lucky, lucky!
But only got 1 DB and 1 DNA out of 6 cards!