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Prize drop tickets with loyalty points

I received 10 cards of food for the tickets purchased with loyalty points today…is it new normal?

Also no video available since Monday

That’s some very bad luck right there.

The ad thing isn’t too uncommon. I personally would prefer it happen to me every time, 25,000 food/50,000 coin for saving you a minute of your life is a steal.


I had no ad this morning too. Pretty common on an iPad.

That has been the death of PvP for me, as without the extra spin, PvP isn’t worth it.

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I missed out on the extra vip mystery packs yesterday because of no content. Today seems to be a more generous day.

I turn off the wifi for 1 second before clicking this. Bypasses the 2 ads at the beginning lmao saving that 1 minute is crucial to me.


I should start doing that.

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Been about 4 months since I hit the prize drop jackpot. 7500 dna and this guy


I know it isn’t the same thing, but I just got him in COT and 3x DB!


I got my first nodosaurus today and what made me even happier my 8th tyrannotitan finally.


I’m finishing COT tomorrow or Tuesday. Been slacking. Have to compare the other 3 tickets. Hopefully snag some DBs

Gotta love maxing out one you’ve been working on for awhile

Especially as the last one has been avoiding me for a while, now I can focus on prionosuchus. I know it comes around every now and than in the 4th slot since I got one a couple of weeks back. Some of these locked ones are not easy…

I used to be a big proponent of making two level 40s before making the hybrid. With the current model, I would probably make a level 40 plus 1 for badge credit, before hybridizing

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That is what I do, 9 copies, so I still have one left over after creating a hybrid.

I really just want one of each.

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Another lucky day! I start getting it on weekly basis…


Couldn’t be any better