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Prize Drop vs 10k pack

Does anyone prefer to spend their LP on the prize drop rather than the 10k pack?. The past 2 weeks I’ve gotten to diomand on the prize drop.

i do, i think its more worth, plus sometimes you get lucky like i did 10 minutes ago and get yourself a vip pack. Plus all the tournament creatures you can and probably will get

I would personally prefer both - but the Prize Drop did give me a Kentrosaurus, Ceratosaurus, Secodontosaurus, Segnosaurus and the VIP Baryonyx and another Eolambia. I’d say have enough to afford both.

I just got a Tanycolagreus. Looks like a pretty good Dino.

Prize drop all the time…


Sionsith, you’re a wizard man. I had no idea you get so much more from prize drops than 10k packs. Wish I hadn’t been chasing Jurassic s now in the packs and landing Cenozics.

Not sure it’s really an “either-or” situation since I earn more in LPs each week than the prize drop costs. But yes, I do it most of the time, particularly for the additional chance of getting 50K creatures vs. 10K packs.

I’m gonna do the prize drop all this week and post what I get each day, and what rewards I get.


Day 1: …of claiming the prize drop.

I’ve discovered that it’s not as cut and clear as just getting more stuff. If you don’t have a lot of Dino bucks you may want to just wait until you can consistently fast hatch all the dinos you get from the rewards otherwise you will fill up your market and lose out on trades from the Harbour.

I’d like to write a beginners guide at some point from what I’ve learnt and for sure I will recommend that people starting out use up their LPs on gold packs until they reach level 50 and have a good coin production to allow them to generate enough Dino bucks from Fossil trades to fast hatch any dinos they get from the prize drops.

To make it clearer, the problem is that before reaching level 50 there is no way to get rid of dinos other than hatching them. Your market will start to fill up with legendary and tournament dinos and when you reach level 50 it will take a long time to get rid of them, even through trades. Also it feels really bad to trade a large Dino for measly DBs or coins or food.

I think a better strategy is that while you are leveling up to 50, just get as many 10k packs as possible. You should get at least as many VIPs if not more, which are easy to hatch. Once you hit level 50 and clear out your market, then start playing the prize drop game.

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If I were a VIP, but as a student I cannot afford it,VIPs get a lot of DNA from the prize drop I can say.

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I wasn’t VIP before level 50.

I rarely had much in my market and almost never used the 4th hatchery chamber.

I grinded DNA ads like it was going out of style (you can’t do that anymore) and rarely had any DNA, as I used it all up.

Keep in mind, that the problems VIP beginners face are different from non-VIP beginners.

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Prize drop is favorable for vip if I am correct… but for the non vip players… prize drop isn’t so great in my opinion…

Prize drop is great for non vip. You get a chance at 8 vip creatures you can’t get from 10k packs.

The issue for non vip is how much it will cost you. Vips can spend loyalty points to finish the diamond wheel. For non vip, it will take about $25k-$30k dino bucks to get there.

But non vip do not have to get there to buy the diamond prize. If you can get anywhere into the gold wheel tier(all the bronze tickets and maybe 4 silvers will do it), you can buy the diamond pack for $6k-$7k Dino bucks.

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Day 2 Rewards.

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Congrats on the gastornis!


Thanks man.

Day 3 collecting rewards.

U are just 2 lvls below me @Ludinator15 and congrats on the kaiwhikea

My levels have been going up fast since I started trading with the fossils.

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