Prize Lottery Just Reset

Hey everyone, my prize lottery just reset today. It gave the notice “last chance to get the fidelity packs” but I figured it was just a glitch, but the entire lottery has indeed reset. Is this the case for anyone else? A shame to miss out on this week cuz I’ve been grinding it for tournament and cup creatures

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I am sorry to hear you are having trouble with your prize drop. If you haven’t already, please contact support.


When this happens, don’t buy the next spin, don’t close the window. Do nothing and force quit/close the game. It will save you spot in the spin. Or at least it did the last time I had this bug.


It happened to me sometime. I don’t know why but it usually happened when I put decorations and dino for a long time.

Is it work every time?
It happened to me too, quite a lot.

For me, yes.

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Yes, like Timmah said, don’t do nothing in game and close the game, this bug usually make a song and you can see food and coins all at max when it happens.