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Prize Wheel Question


Another new guy question. Is there some kind of trick or method to the post PvP prize wheel? I seem to end up with the same crumby prize each spin. In some case it stops in the same spot each time. Example my first spin after my first battle will end right between a super rare and legendary dino card and will be food or coins less than 7k.

Also the wheel seems to do a fast to medium back to fast rotation speed during each spin.

Juat getting tired of coming away from a win with 2 low prizes.

(I don’t have this issue with the raptor wheel though and get a good balance of low and high cards and packs.)


It’s all a game of chance, the more spins the better your chances. Which level are you spinning? Elite, Advanced, or something else?

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I’m all over the place as far as which wheel I’m on. And I get there is an element of luck to all this. I just want to recoup my entrance fee over the 2 spins for a win.


The spinning of the wheel is just for show. The prize is determined before the prize wheel screen loads.


@Potato is right, before the wheel starts spinning it already knows what it’s giving you. You will recoup the cost of your entry’s if you play enough. The 5 DB entry fee is fairly small and it only takes a couple of decent prizes to out weigh the cost espically if you do the extra spin each time. But you just won’t get your entry fee back on every spin so I would try to reset your expectations on that.


Just in case KenO isn’t convinced, proof that the wheel prize is preset:
Say you need to open one more pack to complete a daily mission task or something.
Just before you earn a chance at a wheel spin, the screen flashes a “Mission Complete” banner.
Then, Lo and behold, no matter how you spin or tap, you will for sure open some kinda pack.


I most often see this on the raptor training missions

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Also, the mission complete banner flashes whenever a task is completed. Just because the banner flashes doesn’t necessarily guarantee a pack. One could’ve completed other requirements, like food or coin spent or level of training (which has been scrapped, for now). I once had the banner flash during a post battle-victory wheel spin, which for sure would be a pack since I needed one then.


Thanks for all the replies everyone. Guess I was just hoping for some kind of tapping sequence or if you do your battles at this time of day kind of thing


The more battles you do the better your chance of catching a pack, but it is also a better chance that you will continue to pick up those lower end rewards as you continue to battle. But it should be peppered with DinoBucks every once and awhile along with DNA and VIP points.


@KenO, just need to plug away…

got a couple of these tonight.

One of these:

Got a couple 100 dna spins at 100 a pop,

But also one of these which makes it all worth it:


It’s amazing to see proof of a proper Elite prize! I’ve given up entering elite level dinosaurs for 1,775 food or 11,550 coins!

I find that the sweet spot is the Intermediate prize wheel - used to get amazing prizes until the most recent update but even now it is pretty good without requiring the use of your top dinosaurs.

It would be nice if Ludia could eradicate the possibility of awful prizes for the Elite prize wheel…


Hit these on a couple of non elite spins which were nice: