[PRO TIP] How to setup high FPS mode (for Samsung Galaxy owners)

since my biggest passion on this game is darting, i have always been trying to find out ways how to dart better. This guide is only for Samsung Galaxy devices owners.
All of you who are using Samsung knows, that Samsung force us to play games with limited performance due to Game optimizing Service which cannot be killed, unless you use some kind of app which usually dont last long and is paid.

After this procedure you should be seeing:

  • much better image quality
  • much smoother game
  • much more sensible drone control (could be tricky to control dron in first days of using, but later you will dart much better and even dart 16 darts on dino with VIP on will be possible without any problem)

This should work for most of Galaxy mobiles and tablets (with slightly different setup). I am pretty sure it will work for Galaxy S and Note devices, since it worked for mine S9+, S20+ and S21+.

  1. I have always been using FHD+ display mode (dont know how it works with QHD+) with 120hz / adaptive refresh rate (motion smoothness)

  2. Another important thing to do is turning off Adaptive battery

  3. Download Game Plugins on Galaxy store, then download Game Booster Plus and Priority Mode

  4. On Game Booster Plus set up Max FPS mode with Auto mode off. But the Custom mode with maxxed settings works for my Galaxy Tab S7+ instead (left picture)

In game you will find out that you use bad mode when the graphics quality is low and game is not smooth. When you zoom the picture you will see left picture is pixelated. Left pic is maxxed Custom mode, right is Max FPS mode (on S21+, like i said it could be different mode on different devices, you have to try, good mode is always smooth and has excelent image quality!).

  1. On Priority Mode turn on Background app cleanup while Priority Mode is off

  2. Download Good Guardians on Galaxy store, then download Thermal Guardian and go all the way right (temperature +2), device wont throttle that much

  3. Make sure that no battery saving mode is turned on!

  4. Go the the JWA game settting and set up Classic drone.

Thats it. It should improve your gaming a lot.
These days Samsung is finally after years working on a fix for Game Optimizing Service since gaming community is angry about that, so we will see what happens in the future. But now if you want best setup and using Samsung Galaxy device, it seems to be the only way how to enjoy the game on best setttings.


I’m getting the S22 ultra later this month after being iPhone for a while. I’ll have to give these tips a shot if there are issues with the game. Hopefully with the Qualcomm 8 gen 1 it will be smoother.

Samsung - Making Life Harder

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Wasn’t able to find any motion smoothness options on my S10’s and didn’t try the Good guardians app (But probably will now, just wasn’t sure how it would help), but the Game Booster Plus and Priority mode combo made my S10’s snappier in campaign mode than my iPhone 7+
Before these tweaks the iPhone 7+ was hands down better, now it’s like a role reversal.
Thanks for this.
I’m sharing with my alliance
EDIT: It’s not just darting.
I mean EVERY menu is just almost instant
Where has this guide been all my life?

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No problem my friend. Glad it helped you. If you or guys have any questions feel free to write here and i will try to help you guys.

Also i found the app to kill GOS. It is package disabler pro. It has its own website but its paid. Costs few bucks for year. But gameplay is not much different from setup above, but i could be usable in other games. On YouTube there are some videos about that.

Btw adding today’s article from Sammobile below about Game Optimizing Service. Hopefully it is not against forum TOS to add it here. I am putting it here only to help people enjoy the game more.