Probability is Bad

This isn’t an angry rant, but an observation (maybe with a little annoyance…lol) that the probabilities in Jurassic World Alive do not seem legit…I’ve had multiple battles in a row where a Dino w/ a 20% “critical chance” has 3-4 critical attacks in a row.

Now, in simple probability, if we assume that the way that the 20% chance exists is similar to having a 5-sided dice (so a 1/5 chance to roll a particular outcome each time), then the chance of getting 3 critical strikes in a row is .2 x .2 x .2 = .008 (< than a 1% chance).

Now, to have multiple opponents accomplish this in a row makes the game engines handling of random chance/probability seem very flawed, if not outright deceptive.

I know others have experienced this and blame
It on the notorious “rng.” To me, it’s more annoying that the game states probabilities that don’t seem to hold up than losing a match. Lol.

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