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Probably a difficult request, but

Can we have a way to stop collecting trust points for event dragons we no longer want? I’d like to convert the points I gained toward a different dragon, but I know that’s a stretch. I’d rather just play the quests without annoyingly racking more points and would rather have the TP card off my roster. I like still playing the quests because of all the fish and XP, but I don’t want anymore of a few dragons. Like Toothless— I have him, he’s maxed out, I have no use for another, and I’d like to shut it off so I don’t get another copy of a dragon I don’t need. Thanks!


What about make the extra trust dragons something like sheep? Or turn trust points of a already maxed dragon to another trust dragon, even if at much lower rate, like five to one.


I did say I’d like to have the trust points of the dragons I don’t need converted and put toward a dragon I do need. Both ideas would be great!