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Probably too late for 1.15 but this should be done

Reading the forums, we all noticed a lot of whining about lack of.progress and too many OP dinos appearing in Depot, Library and Aviary even Manor.

The question is why? Also how to fix it?

The why is pretty much boosts yet not just boosts themselves. (What rubbish is this fella spouting? )
Let me explain: in Boost 2.0 we were given the ability to farm boosts. If you had HC, time and Real Cash to spend, you could literally farm 1000s of boosts in a few days which means 1 boost on a dino per day everyday. Some players did that and that scared Ludia so Ludia shadow changed the timer on Nublar Shores to 4 times that of the other arenas in hope of slowing down the battle happy people from farming boosts and not buying them outright.

What resulted was a downgrading of the top arena and one of the best designed arenas, to be essentially a horrible place to play.

So what would logical players do? Stay in Gyro Depot and avoid drifting into the Shores until the last week. What would that result in? Players hanging around Depot and clogging the place up. Since better players are not getting away from the range of 5500++++ trophies players, they get kicked down and push down Library and Aviary players. From the other end comes the new high rollers who have high boosted and medium level (mid 20s) Apex tier creatures. So the jam occurs.

Now my suggestions are:

  1. Limit farmed boosts to 25 boosts per type per 24 hours reset same time as daily missions.

  2. Add Fusion Lab as the final arena on top of Nublar Shores with 7k trophies needed to unlock it.

  3. Set the AI timers of the 4 final arenas to:
    a. Library 35 seconds
    b. Gyro Depot 40 seconds
    c. Nublar Shores 45 seconds
    d. Fusion Lab 60 seconds

  4. Create 6 reset points for seasonal resets. It will be as follows:
    7000 above resets to 6249
    6500 to 6999 resets to 5999
    6000 to 6499 resets to 5749
    5500 to 5999 resets to 5499
    5250 to 5499 resets to 5249
    5000 to 5249 resets to 4999
    The rest are not reset.

  5. Improve the seasonal rewards, make Nublar and Fusion Lab have better incs than Gyro Depot and create a reward.tier for 6600 trophies. Mediocre rewards means players are not motivated to go up the ranks. If Nublar and Fusion Lab have superior incs to the lower arenas, players will tolerate a longer wait time to get better rewards. The current reward tiers have a 400 trophy jump from 6400 to 6800 in terms of reward tier. This causes less pushing once players are on the final week and are near 6.5k trophies.

I know it might be too late to implement for 1.15 and even 1.16. But at least plan to do these changes. They will relieve the blockage in the upper arenas and allow players to feel progress. Which is as good as actual progress.