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Probably why zone 2 keeps getting the best stuff

Whoever’s doing the PR probably lives there lol.


Zone 2 is decent for only the last 2 patch.


Didn’t it have erlikos before those?

Erlik moved to l2 in 1.8 if I am not mistaken

It had the G2 one though, and rajasaurus and brachi, dracorex, wuerho, einiasuchus, postimetrodon, gorgo, pyroraptor, dracoG2, pretty much everything good (although I don’t remember if Spyx was a thing back then, and carnotarkus wasn’t yet around, nor ardentis).

They really need to move rare Dracorex to another zone. Area I never had it if I remember correctly. It’s so unfair.

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Raja and wuerho were in L4 before wuerho gets a hybrid… almost every rares that spawn in L2 have a good unique link to it … erli, draco and quetza now.

If they’d move it to area 1, I’d be all over that zone since it’s very close to my place. In fact, if they move any of the following I’d spend more time in that area:
erliko G2, erliko, dracorex, and even the argentino from zone 3.

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I’m in zone 4 and it’s sucks. Sometimes I find the epics but commons and rares suck. Suchomimus all day and night and in scents.


Same here. I freaking hate the suchomimus. I find a lot of Kentro but … I’m not putting it to use, so it’s not really valuable to me. I’d trade it for Erliko or even Dracorex DNA if I could.


Had tenonto and ourano as well

In a way now I wish it had tenonto again. Because it’s so difficult to find them in parks when the spawns are “dino behind”.

Zone 3…the zone of Diplocaulus all day and every day. If not that, a baron and empty zone.


Well actually … Zone 3 has argentino and seco. I want them.
Also, for the fans of other critters, it has dilopho, allo, koolasuchus (I don’t miss it at all in L4 though), dimetrodon, diplotator, edmonto, and mono.

to me the only good and usefull creatures i area 2 right now is erlikosaurus (even though i have like 4400 erlikosaurus dna atm, if not maybe even more than 4400…) and quetzalcoatlus and maybe draco… the rest is pretty crap imo

I work in L2 and live in L3, both good zones if you ask me. 1 and 4 are quite bad.
I have access to Raja, Dracorex 1&2, Erliko 1&2, Quetzal, Dimetrodon, Argentino, Allosaurus, Dilophosaurus and Monolophosaurus.
The only thing I’m missing is Tuo from L1 and I’m slowly running out of Ourano and Kentro from L4.

L1 is an absolute dumpster fire. We need some love.


I think in all the migration rounds, it’s the worst right now. It’s truly ridiculous how bad it is for and end game player.

It’s funny because I have spawns from area 1, 2 & 3 around my house…

Noooo! Leave Draco where it is! Lol at least till i max Rinex :stuck_out_tongue: then idc