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Problem after update!

Hello! My creatures ( Sarcoricsis and Monolometrodon) have had their buffs reduced after the update!

Read the patch notes. This was one of the things they updated. Both Monolometrodon and Sarcorixis have been nerfed.


Why did they do it ?? It’s a shame when I was saving up power-up points for a long time and then they reduced it! Where is the compensation ??:rage:

That’s how balancing works. They were overpowered for their rarity, and needed the nerf. You can still use them, they just aren’t as hugely overpowered as they were before. But I’d advise you use your boosts on different creatures, imo.


It is unbearable for me to donate for gains (I have been pumping them for a long time and it takes even more time for new pumpings (:weary:

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Ludia looked into it and found that they were significantly stronger than they should be based on their internal data, so nerfs were warranted, even though I personally don’t entirely agree with the directions the went in for those nerfs. Luckily there’s a boost refund event right now so you can get all your boosts back for free.


I read somewhere, but did not understand where and how to do it ??? After all, canceling bonuses of creatures returns only 50%

Not at the moment. Until the 19th there’s a boost refund event going on, so you can remove your boosts from dinos and get all of them back. So if you’d like to, you can remove all of the boosts from those creatures

It’s very nice! But where can I get so many coins to pump other creatures, since they are of lower levels (

Spin supply drops and green supply drops. You can get upwards of 20k a day by doing this. Also make sure that you do all of the strike towers and your daily missions.

Well, you won’t earn much with these tasks and drops) Of course, it adds quite good, but those amounts that need to be earned for a long time)

Yeah, you need to do it constantly, but not doing it hurts you. Do it 10 days in a row and you’ll have 200k plus though

But now, after the replacement, I cannot win any pvp (

so you have a bad team, sorry for your loss


They have a boost reset going so just be thankful that is a thing, there’s been many times that a creature got nerfed that people used and no “compensation”.