Problem connecting to our servers

I’ve asked for this problem to be solved and nothing has been done about it! Why???


I’m having this same problem and I ain’t hearing back from support at all, I can sign in as a guest but not with my account

Unfortunately I have tried that, hasn’t worked for me

I did it but… it still says it

This is only when I sign in on my Google play account, if I play as guest it works, so it’s not my connection

I started getting this today and can’t get into my account at all. I have several devices, and it doesn’t work from any of them - it seems to be an account issue. My husband can access his account no problem, so it isn’t our network either. It is super annoying to have to wait 3-5 days to get any support when you are blocked entirely and have a vip membership. More drone range isn’t very valuable when you can’t play :slight_smile:

I am having the same problem from 15-Jan up till Monday (Present). Please help.

I’ve had this problem on occasion when I go from WiFi to 4g , at home on WiFi it’s fine , go out to the shops or for a walk & when I log into the app get a similar message, what works for me is to restart/ reboot my phone, then it’s fine again.