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Problem: Diloracheirus nerf

Hi !

When we’re you going tell us you’d nerfed green chicken hey ? 80 % stun behave your lucky if it’s 30% thought I’d give it a chance to settle, either it’s forgotten how to stun or there’s a issue!!!(^.^)


You got a case of the RNG bluuuuues.

This has been going on for weeks unfortunately. Yes, it seems to be drastically lower than 75% atm. I had 1 opponent avoid 3 stuns in a single game but.its.not the update

My monostego still has to stun once since 1.9 dropped. And I tried lik 5 times, instead diloranocheirus stunned 2 of the 3 times I tried

after this patch ive noticed alot of jimbostuns.

Think its just the way rng waves tend to happen in this game…

Playing on a kids account that has stegocera, einosuchus and sino on the team. The 66% swap ins seemed to be working as described.

Here come the unfounded conspiracies.

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I though my Utasino stun ratio was bad… and then I met Dilo… That thing has never crit as much as it was supposed to, and seems to get worse in every patch

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Let’s do a test… Take any dino with Stun rampage (dilora and Toura) and attack Tryko.

Yes… It seems Tryko is now immune to stuns :rofl:


…except when it’s my Tryko :frowning:

IT would be great you did some talk to devs and tell us something. Stuns are not working as before.

They have quite a lot on their plates at the moment, but it’s been brought to their attention.