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Hello. I have just started playing this game about two weeks now and out of those two weeks all my matches has gone offline and I have not gotten any new matches thereforeit is impossiblefor me to continue playing. My first match has been offline for a week now. Additionally I can not see the pictures two of my matches. Whenever I click to see their photos another match comes up and whether I swipe yes or now I am redirected back to the conservation of said match without seeing the photos. I would like if these problems can be fixed since the game is an enjoyable game and I would like to continue playing it.

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I don’t know a solution to the rest, but have you matched with everyone already possible to be matched with? You’ll always be unable to match with any other characters who share he storylines of your current matches, and many characters also don’t have any story content released yet so it’s impossible to match with them right now.

If it’s not the case that you’ve already met her with everyone that you can then, I did see someone else having that same bug. Unfortunatelly in that case and regarding the other issues you’ve been having I’ve seen some others experience the same though no fix for those bugs has been released yet.

I would also email support if you haven’t yet.

Hey sabrina_bachoo, if you haven’t already, could you email our support team at with your support key included in the email, so our team can take a look at your account?