Problem in turn battle


I have experienced some issues during the fight when I switch my dinosaurs. It appears that there’s no actions for me to choose at all so me and my enemies need to wait and it’s such an annoying experience to me to tell the truth (esp. when you lose those fights because of system not my own fault!. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


whenever you change your dino mate, you use your turn, which means your oppenent get a free move… However if your dino dies the turn resets, which means whoever have the fastest dino starts.


I think Thanaphon is referring to the bug shown in the above screen shot.

The dino list at the bottom wouldn’t fully close so the action selection icons didn’t reappear at all - it wasn’t just for 1 action it was the rest of the fight.


I know that. But Yes as Huz said. That is what I suppose to say. THANK You for helping me clarify the issue, Huz. Btw Sorry for my poor English :sweat: