Problem joining alliances

I dont know why but i sent requests to join crews and says pending approval that a little later it asks to join an alliance. I dont know if its an issue of getting rejected or the requests not being seen because i much weaker players on those alliances that have joined later later

I have alliance requests. Was at work all day. Tried accepting requests tonight but it says the alliances are full. I was hoping to get 3 teams in one alliance.

Hey Rakesh_Andrews, only the Alliance leader can accept your request to join an Alliance. It’s possible that the Alliance might have been filled up before the leader had the chance to review your application. There’s also some more information for Alliances here on our FAQ that could be helpful as well:
I hope that cleared things up a bit.

I’ve been trying to join an alliance. My trophy is 4864. Have sent about 10 requests in the last couple hours but received no approval so far.
Did I do something wrong or is it some sort of bug in the game?

I’m sure it isn’t you. I have had a few requests after battling, but I rejected because I want to learn more before committing. It seems we have opposite problems.
It sounds like trading DNA has some bugs that need to be worked out too so I am in no rush.

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