Problem opening supply drops


Why can I not open any supply drops


Hey Megandshan! I’m sorry to hear that you are having trouble with the Supply Drop. To activate a Supply Drop, you must be in close vicinity of it on your map.

If you activated a Supply Drop but did not receive any resources from it, it could mean that you have reached the limit for the resources at that Supply Drop.

There seems to be other players that are experiencing something similar to your trouble, and the information on that thread could be helpful to you.

You can find the thread here:

If you have any more issues with this, our support team would be glad to take a look at your account. You can contact them here at, and if you could include your Support Key in the email, it will be very helpful.


Ever since I started this game I have not been able to open them at all. I have tried taping like it says and I have spun them but they just spin forever. It also says get closer but I can’t move so I can’t get closer and any dinosaur a ways away it also says get closer but I can only turn 360 degrees and stay in one spot